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Hey Jessy

Good work!

Staying True To Self is so empowering, we wonder why we don't practice the fine art more often!

Your weight loss is great! Your mind set is very focused and your body is obviously purring along like a well tuned motor.

You are healing your life just as much as Georgey is healing his paw.

Dichroic glass is beautiful stuff. I was in Hobart a few years back and there was a bit of a mini-market in the boarding hall at the wharf. I bought some dichroic earrings - or should I saw, ear jewelry as none of them were rings, from a lady whose day job was as a Critical Care Nurse.

Whenever I wear these studs I get comments, people are intrigued at the depth of colour and the way light moves within the glass.

She told me she could never guarantee the colour of anything, that each batch was different, so I understand your amazement at what comes out of the kiln!

And good on you for Marie Kondoing the cupboard. Nothing like a bit of tidying to make us feel good.

Lotsa love

Lost 28 kilos in 2006, 15 kilos twice since then, 25 kilos in 2017 and 12 kilos in 2019. 2020 was a struggle so back to lose 10 kilo in 2021. Looking Forward To It!
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