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Morning Lady's

Hi Heidimama, nice you have joined us.

There are some days filled with a lot of "NO's " coming from me not to pick yesterday was a hard one.... i could of got right in there and the sweets, chocolate !! Crazy , going to increase good fats at the end of this to kill any cravings for crap foods and potential over eating. The one real eye opener about Carnivore diet was how well it curved and killed any cravings or desire for crap foods and alcohol....

Yesterday the scales dropped to 74.2 for them to bounce back up today to 74.6, which is OK as it might be a sticky weight and it also reinforces the losses from last week.

Off to the vet very soon to get the stitches out, Hoorah , the dogs and i so glad to be able to move on from this.. we will be able to walk again

Its hot here yesterday 46, today hot and humid ... horrible weather, lovely in the aircon so glad I have solar on the roof otherwise we would be cooking out of fear of electricity consumption !!!

Get lots of sleep. Get sunshine. Laugh. Go outside and play. Avoid grains and sugar like the plague.
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