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Time for another "bump" by adding a bit more to this blog.
Things have settled pretty well since starting to receive the Age Pension. I was able to apply for it since 2011, but at that stage I had work. Then it stopped the next year, and I looked at making application for an Age pension. I needed to fell a small forest to make enough paper to answer all of the questions and/or fill in all the forms required. After 5 or 6 abortive visits to Centrelink back in 2013, I gave up and we lived by selling an investment property now and then.

That all came to an end in 2018 and we needed to get some Income from somewhere. Of course, without the investment properties, the amount of paperwork needed was far less - and anyway, Centrelink had introduced a computer program to record all the details. That was a nightmare in itself - not sure if you all know, but one of the paths I trod was as a proof-reader, so my knowledge of English is pretty good. That computer program and its questions had me giving incorrect answers, simply because the English used in it was ambiguous. As well as that, when I questioned different people in Centrelink regarding those questions, I got different answers.

No wonder it took around 15 separate visits, AND the intervention of our local Federal MP before things got settled. But here we are now - bills are being paid and income is settled, so I can now safely utilise automatic payments once more. It is SO nice to be able to do that.

And Newyou? Well, I've been pretty much fulltime on here since I haven't had to worry about where every dollar was coming from. I have given up mowing lawns and cleaning extra houses just to eat. Life is much better now, and far less stressful. Thanks for all your good wishes through the years - especially these latter ones.

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