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Default Re: Weight of extra skin

Hello everyone

I am based in New Zealand. Just a question: I am a kg away from my goal weight and I have a real bad lower backache and am hungry all the time and very very tired. Is this normal? I have received my refeed but not sure if I should wait until I am at my goal weight. Would appreciate any advice please. Also I am going on a 4-week holiday with my family to the US and Canada in a couple of days. I think going on a refeed will be extremely hard as I won't be able to weigh my food. I was just going to guess the portions and perhaps add a modest amount of protein and veggies to the meals I currently have so I have the energy to cope. I was then going to come back and go back on my diet for about a month (or as long as required) and then go on a refeed. Does that make sense? Please do let me have your ideas or perhaps better options that I could look into. Many thanks in advance. Rose

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