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Old 05-03-2012, 15:22
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Default Re: Melbourne?

Anyone keen for a meet someday??

Joy, Lesley??!
xoxo Missy
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Old 05-03-2012, 18:53
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Default Re: Melbourne?

Just need a date Missy and I'll try to be there.

Started 11/1/08. Lowest weight reached 63.8 kgs on 10/11/08 and 40 kgs down. Thank you Dr Cohen.
Back again to do it all over again, starting from exactly the same weight as last time.
My health is not good and my doctor is predicting all sorts of nasty things if I don't lose weight.
What else do I do? I help people make money and I help people save money. Please take a look at
Back again for the support. Still think the diet and the forum are the best ever, but too old to do it again. Now losing again slowly on maintenance diet. Ticker shows next intermediate goal only (5 kilos).

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Old 18-11-2016, 13:59
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Default Re: Melbourne?

I'm a newbie, I also live in Melbourne. How can we meet up sometimes?
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Old 11-02-2017, 23:00
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Default Re: Melbourne?

Hey Chloe and other Melbournites

I am in Melbourne, just started Cohen's #2 Program

During the early days of this Forum there were a few meet & greets, usually in coffee shops / modern day equivalent, which is OK but can get a bit awkward when they start asking if there is anything else they can get us, and a group lingers over 1 x coffee each for an hour!!

However, I am a great fan of meeting in pubs:
  • They are usually easy to get to
  • There is usually lots of free parking
  • No table service so no pestering for 'anything else'
  • No table service so no problem if people start eating from a lunch box!
  • Nearly always have tea and coffee for sale, and plenty of water
  • Clean toilets, very necessary after all that water!

Let's see how things evolve ... it is always good to meet other people on the same program

Lotsa love

Lost 28 kilos in 2006, 15 kilos twice since then, 25 kilos in 2017 and 12 kilos in 2019. This is an On Program+Refeed January 2020 lose 7 kilos refresher: Goal Weight and Size 10, is just a few week's waltz along the beach!
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