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Old 10-10-2011, 14:16
Scruffy's Mum Female Scruffy's Mum is offline
I am back and this time I
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Default Re: 20 KG to go (or less)

Yay and now I can come and play here too. 20 to yeeha. Thanks Butterfly for alerting me to the club yeeha

Onwards and downwards I go
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Old 21-10-2011, 11:43
ajsander Female ajsander is offline
Feeling more at home
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Default Re: 20 KG to go (or less)

Today: 19.7kg away from upper-goal! Woot!

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Old 13-05-2013, 10:13
Kiri Kay Female Kiri Kay is offline
Winners don't quit
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Default Re: 20 KG to go (or less)

I so want in this club
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Old 13-05-2013, 13:48
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My NYF Diary
Default Re: 20 KG to go (or less)

Nice work sister. Hugs

Mini Goals: Start the program (complete 29/04) - Under 110kg (completed 04/05) - 106.7kg and under my last Cohens start weight (completed 25/05) - Under 105kg (complete 05/06) - Double Didgits and half way to goal...YAY!!!- Under 95kg - 94kg and into the overweight range - 92kg and past my old sticking point - Back In The 80's - Personal Goal of 87kg...time for refeed!!!!!!!!!! YAY

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Old 13-05-2013, 15:20
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Runninggirl Female Runninggirl is offline
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Default Re: 20 KG to go (or less)

I think we should start a new 20 kg klub as this was. Older threat
Start 12/11/12
GOAL 1 - 110kg.....3/12/12 GOAL 2- 105kg.... 31/12/12

TAKE 2 *******
GOAL 3- 99kg....GOAL 4- 95...GOAL 5 - 90.....
GOAL 6- 85...GOAL 7- 80...GOAL 8- 75....
GOAL 9- 74.... Refeed 71 ........ Goal weight- 69-66

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