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Old 16-11-2022, 05:27
famousname Male famousname is offline
I'm new, please be nice to me.
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Default Been here before

Starting again.

I am dreading it.

The food all tastes the same, and I will start to get an aversion to the tastes, so I need new ways of making the same ingredients all the time.

But nothing else works, so I am here.
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Old 16-11-2022, 08:33
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On my way - To a new me.
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Default Re: Been here before

Hi.. Iím starting towards end of the month or possibly early December with a new program. Iíll probably do first blood test this week so they can give me final approval. Iím dreading it too.. I love how quick the fat drops off on this plan but I will be dreading until I get the first month under my belt! When do you begin?
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Old 16-11-2022, 10:28
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Been here forever!!! - Ask me Anything !!
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My NYF Diary
Default Re: Been here before

Hi Famous,
If you have been here before, you might be familiar with the Recipes section. But if you are new, then let me help. When all is said and done, making things work easier and better when you're on the Cohens Eating Plan is what this place exists for, so do check out this forum:-

And (if you want) do go ahead and create a diary for yourself in the New Diaries section. It can be great to keep all of your thoughts in one place, rather than having them splattered across the various forums. It also allows friends to "find" you easily too. Friends on here, that is. Like me

welcome aboard,
Just a big happy hushpuppy
I haven't "done" Cohens - Asy knows me from way back - she invited me to "take a look" here - I did, loved it, and stayed...
And me? I'm a tall skinny-ish bloke (BMI ~25.5) and have been this way forever, so I haven't faced (weight-wise) what you all have !!
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