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Old 15-02-2020, 15:20
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Getting up again!
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Red face I'm baaaaaaaaaaccccccck!

Well well, I can't believe I'm back here!

in 2011 I lost 45kgs, now here I am back again!

I'm flip flopped around in other programs and have decided to come back to Cohens!

My biggest mistake in 2011 was not doing refeed (duh I hear you say! - I know I know)

So I'm back, Aussie currently living in the Philippines.

Starting Monday - doing food prep today.

I'm going through a tough time career/business wise at the moment so I see this being my greatest challenge - not so much the food, but the WINE!

Can't wait to get to know you all more xxx.
Back Again.. last time!
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Old 16-02-2020, 07:47
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On my way - To a new me.
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Default Re: I'm baaaaaaaaaaccccccck!

Hi Mich,

Welcome back! I wish your time be easy and fast on the EP.

I think when other areas of your life are hard the EP can be a simple and consistent friend. Following it can be distracting in a good way, and get enough weeks under your belt it pays big dividends in terms of improved mental health to tackle lifeís stresses.

So good luck today Mich, those first few days are the hardest then it gets a whole lot easier, as you already know.

Oh, and I just wanted to add, I did refeed and Iím still back here, so it can happen to us all regardless.

Donzie x

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Old 17-02-2020, 11:11
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Getting up again!
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Default Re: I'm baaaaaaaaaaccccccck!

Thanks Donzie!

Had the most horrid night sleep, feel horrendous today as I had a 5am start, but started none the less!

Thanks for the message and support x
Back Again.. last time!
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Old 30-03-2020, 20:26
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Default Re: I'm baaaaaaaaaaccccccck!

Hi Mich

Welcome back!!! How are you ?
April 2020 - back on OP

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December 2010 - July 2011: Lost 41.6 Kilos
August 2014-January 2015: Lost 25.3 kilos
Maintenance Start: 2 February 2015: 70.7 - let the journey begin
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Old 06-10-2020, 08:08
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Default Re: I'm baaaaaaaaaaccccccck!

Welcome back.

I was the same first time round and didn't do refeed. So here I am back thinking about starting again.
Hope you're doing well.
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Old 14-09-2022, 22:49
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I'm new, please be nice to me.
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Default Re: I'm baaaaaaaaaaccccccck!

well come! well I have seen my past when I was in that situation really hard
time I spend without any support and I was worry about my career
but after 5 years I have done every thing . and do any thing for
my career to make beautiful. A Guide to Aging Health and Beauty
it's all about of my healthy life. When I read it and followed these
things, day by day my health improved and my problems ended
because of which I was depressed.
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