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Old 05-06-2011, 16:57
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Default Tips for a little extra help..


Thought id share some tips ive found along the way, which make sense and im trying out
Apologies if they have been repeated.

1. Drink chilled water = your body burns more calories drinking cold water because it needs to work hard to bring the water temperature down to body temperature to process it. Its using energy and burning calories! Easy.

2. Buy quality ingredients = this is more for the selfish factor, we only eat small and limited things so why not make it nice. Quality products tend to taste better anyhow.. so grab that scotch fillet instead

3. Take a layer off = Similar to the water theory, if you are a little cooler your body has to work and use energy to warm you up, thus burning calories. I wouldnt recommend doing it all day long, mayber an hour or so and dont freeze!

4. Sip dont scull! = im sure everyone knows this already. sip ur water every 15 mins instead of gulping every hour, your body will hang onto that water and store it and then we bloat.. nice and slowly

5. Keep busy = I find most of us deviate when we are bored. find a hobby, start a project, join a community group or come on the forum and go crazy!
Ill be sorting through photos to print to make photo albums, ill also be doing srts and crafts that i could maybe one day sell etc.

Hope these will help someone/anyone
Goal 1: 85kG Goal 2: 81kg (not obese!) Goal 3: 80kg Goal 4: 75kg Goal 5: 70kg Goal 6: 67kg (healthy!) Goal 7: 65kg Goal 8: 60kg Goal 9: 58kg !!

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Old 19-06-2011, 17:21
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Default Re: Tips for a little extra help..

Hi Emmz,

Thanks for the tips. Let's see, I'm guilty of 1) gulping and not sipping, 2) buying food in a hurry so not looking out for quality stuff (esp fruits and veggies), 3) keeping extra warm even when the sun is out and taking long hot showers (so very very bad for the skin). I've got the keeping busy under control because of work but I find I'm constantly looking at the time to go and eat. Not because I'm hungry mind you, I have no reason for this. I was never like this before and just ate when I was hungry. I'm a believer in healthy foods (just lots of it) so never had any serious 'bad' habits. Now I find myself constantly thinking about my next very weird. Anyway, once again, thanks for the tips. Cheers.

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