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Old 09-01-2007, 14:30
banana split Female banana split is offline
On my way - To a new me.
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Default Today signed up for program!

Hello, hello everyone. Especially Kristine H E L L O

Purely by accident (or serendipitously) I stumbled on Kristine's thread at another forum just last month and was able to read her diary some months after she finished her program. Boy was I impressed. A little bubble of excitement formed in my tummy (not hunger pangs as I had eaten dinner) as I dared to think IS THIS THE ANSWER. So I sent the entire thread to a friend whose instincts I trust and said, whatdya think about this? She was as hopeful as me, so after getting the holiday break and festive feasting out of the way, we begin. Or next week anyway when we get our plan.

Many thanks to Asy for this forum.

Banana Split
started Cohens 17 January
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Old 09-01-2007, 18:16
Brieziel's Avatar
Brieziel Female Brieziel is offline
On my way - To a new me.
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Default Today signed up for program!

Welcome Banana Split.
Yes this program is awesome, you get fantastic results in a short time, and feel REALLY REALLY good!!!
well done on taking the step.
"Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels" - Lessfatty
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Old 10-01-2007, 00:00
Kristine.. Female Kristine.. is offline
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Default Today signed up for program!

Hi, Banana Split

Isn't it funny what happens when you slip on a banana skin?!

There you were, cruising along, reading all sorts of boring stuff about leveraging and LVRs, when WHAMMO! Out of the blue, there is exactly what you are looking for but didn't know it!!!

I am so glad that my weekly log has inspired a few people to take charge, take control, and to do Cohen's!

When you say 'we' I guess you mean your friend and yourself. So that's another two people bravely treading the path to such a change you will wonder what you ever did before.

I have just taken an upstairs office, and am getting to know the shopping strip. I catch sight of myself in shop windows and see this youthful looking, slim person, moving quickly about on various errands, and I have to admit that I am very pleased with what I see.

I hope you enjoy the next few months as you change your life. We are all here to help - and Asy is a success story in a league of her own! I didn't have any weight loss forums when I was on the program, but it definitely helps to have somewhere to share the daily triumphs and challenges.

I will be forever indebted to the Somersoft forum for having somewhere public to declare my intention and to record my weekly progress. By doing that I simply could not fail. On 10th February I made the first post and declared my intention to lose 25 kilos - and was already 3 kilos down from the starting weight on 4th February. As you know I met with fierce resistance by the 'exercise until you drop' brigade and was challenged by many people with various pet theories. However, I have now weighed 60 kilos for six & half months and consider that I would not have achieved this with any of the Oprah type approaches mooted by my critics. And neither, methinks, have they!

Best wishes for the journey of a lifetime. More power to you and buy a pair of braces soon - you will need them to hold your trousers up!



Lost 28 kilos in 2006, 15 kilos twice since then, 25 kilos in 2017 and 12 kilos in 2019. This is an On Program+Refeed January 2020 lose 7 kilos refresher: Goal Weight and Size 10, is just a few week's waltz along the beach!
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Old 10-01-2007, 09:27
curvygirl Female curvygirl is offline
Feeling more at home
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Default Today signed up for program!

Welcome Banana Split!

Once you've made the decision, doesn't it seem like forever until you can actually get started?? I'm fairly new to the program too, started on 09 December 06. The first month is great, with a big loss, but overall it's just great to see consistent loss. I'm already almost don't to my lowest adult weight, last time I got there it was after 6 months of a GP's diet and medication!

Good luck

<br />[/url]
<br />
<br />Start date and weight: 09 /12/ 06 @ 106.5kg
<br />First goal: Under 100kg by 1 month weigh-in DONE! --- 99.8kg
<br />Second goal: 85-88kg by 12 week weigh in
<br />Third goal: drop 100cm in total by end of March.
<br />End goal... 52-54kg.
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Old 16-01-2007, 16:14
banana split Female banana split is offline
On my way - To a new me.
Join Date: Jan 2007
Posts: 134
Default Today signed up for program!

I got my plan today.

'm feeling a little trepidation and would like the first week to be over.

started Cohens 17 January
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Old 28-01-2007, 01:16
asy's Avatar
asy Female asy is offline

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Default Today signed up for program!

The first week will be over soon, as will the first month, then the whole thing.

It just FLIES by!

Even after 6 months, I'm still going well.

You're very welcome and thanks for the thanks, it's really appreciated.

I felt this forum was really 'needed' in the cohen community, and am very pleased to be able to provide it (with Lessfatty's expert assistance!!!).


Started: 4th July, 06 (MY independence day!) ... Finished: July 2, 2007 ... 88kg lost in 12 months
Don't annoy me... I just learned the Bat Bogey Hex...
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Old 29-01-2007, 09:23
banana split Female banana split is offline
On my way - To a new me.
Join Date: Jan 2007
Posts: 134
Default Today signed up for program!

Day 13 for me. I found the first week quite a challenge with the hunger and still get ravenously hungry an hour out from a meal. I have followed the plan diligently - no deviations. I'm finding this is no walk in the park. Weight loss to date 3.7kgs.

We are going up to Sydney tomorrow for a funeral in the morning and a concert tomorrow night (have had tickets for 6 months) staying overnight in a hotel, so today I'm packing 5 meals etc. Will be interesting to see how I go when my "routine" is tested. My husband is very encouraging, I think he's quietly excited that I have made this committment.

Cheers everyone (mine's soda water)
started Cohens 17 January
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Old 29-01-2007, 21:58
Lonniecee Female Lonniecee is offline
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Default Today signed up for program!

Well done Banana Split. Being organised is the key to this program. You are doing so well. Enjoy the concert.
Started Sept 4th 2006 -&gt;104.8kg&nbsp; <br />Completed refeed May 2nd 2007 -&gt; 57.5kg<br />Total lost -&gt; 47.3kg
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Old 11-02-2007, 00:47
SOS Female SOS is offline
On my way - To a new me.
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Default Today signed up for program!

Hi banana split. Notice you are from Canberra. I'm also from here. Good luck with the program.
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