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Old 01-06-2010, 02:02
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Default Discussions regarding methods of therapy - mainstream, spiritual and alternative.

After extensive discussion in the Mod forum a decision has been made regarding the discussion of therapies and methods of healing on the forum.

My decision is that PHYSICAL methods of healing will be allowed to be discussed on the forum, whereas SPIRITUAL methods won't.

This decision has been made because anything spiritual is not only open to conjecture as to it's veracity, but also tends to cause discontent due to people's disagreements about the methods of spirituality.

There is already a "No Religion" rule on the forum, but, I felt the need to expand on this subject and have come up with the following:

PHYSICAL Methods of healing, which WILL be allowed to be discussed, are:
Bowen therapy
Remedial Massage.

THESE are methods of exercise, not healing, but still in this category:

SPIRITUAL/ALTERNATIVE Methods of healing, which will NOT be allowed to be discussed, are:

Chakrik healing
Colour therapy
Reiki (also known as Chakrik healing)
Tarot Reading

The delineation of discussion will be the following: (Using Tarot as an example)

Members WILL be able to:

Mention Spiritual/alternative methods of healing in their OWN diaries. (I had my Tarot read and it was fun...)
Enter into discussion with a member in that member's diary about therapies the diary owner has mentioned (for example, if a member says they had their Tarot read, that opens discussion in that member's diary about the topic.).

Members will NOT be able to:

Open discussion about those topics in the general forum. (You may NOT start a thread - anywhere- about the merits of tarot)
Suggest to other members that they should (for example) have their Tarot read...

I hope this is clear.

I will close this thread as discussion on this topic will not be entered into.


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Closed Thread

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