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Default Sharing Eating Plans & Other Stuff

Hi all,

Sorry to be a bore, BUT I really do believe it needs to be said.

I know we all want to be helpful in a forum and all that jazz, but I would strongly suggest you keep your plan to yourself. You need to remember there are copyright issues, but also you should not be divulging your eating plan for other reasons.

Our plans are prescribed and when I see questions here about how much do you get of this and that, I get a little concerned. You should also not list your grams at all. There are people who unfortunately cannot do the program for medical reasons and it worries me that things are divulged and shared. The easiest thing to do, is direct that person to a clinic.

If you are in doubt or using an old plan, phone your local clinic and keep in touch with them, they will be able to assist you and they won't try and sell you a new plan (like I read somewhere here). Just because you don't have a contract, doesn't mean a clinic can't answer a simple question for you. You can also try the Facebook pages and the Cohen forum if you want a consultant.8 times out of 10 your old plan is not going to work; but we always advise people to try it 100% for 5 full days, if it doesn't work, then you will need to get a new one. It is pretty much like using someone elses plan; so you making amendments or alterations to it, is pointless. Think of a really really bad low GI diet. It defeats the purpose of what the eating plan is trying to create within your body.

If you are using another person's plan, please stop it. It will work in the short term, but the long term affects may not be what you want and you will more than likely gain all the weight you have lost.

Remember, there are various medical conditions that are restricted from this program, so giving someone your eating plan is just irresponsible on your part. Think twice before you do this.

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