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Default New diary rules

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of you, and all of the past members of newyouforum, for making this place the premier Cohen’s Lifestyle support forum. Two and a half years ago, when I started this forum, I couldn’t have imagined how quickly we would grow and how many people we have been able to help on the road to a slim, healthy life. While there have been some bumps along the way, I believe that’s only natural as the forum became a growing evolving being all by itself.

In the early days the traffic was lower so most people were able to read every thread and post and we managed to keep our focus. Success rates were high and we saw people find their resolve and inspiration in the forum.

As a result of our amazing growth, I’m finding it harder to keep abreast of everything that is going on. I feel I owe it to Dr Cohen, to all the members who join our little community, and to myself, to ensure that the forum doesn’t lose focus and that we remain true to our original intent. That is to be a community dedicated to helping each other achieve the goals we have all signed up for when we embarked on the Cohen's programme.

So, after lengthy discussion with the Admin and Moderator teams, I believe we need to put in place some guidelines to ensure we can continue to grow and still stay true to our goals. Some of these decisions have been very difficult, yet we feel they are the only way to ensure the future. We're confident that the changes we are putting in place will allow this forum to become an even better support for those doing the Cohen’s plan and we feel that they are required and need to be put in place before there is too much further growth. We want to make sure everyone who joins us, does so for the right reasons and has every chance of being successful on their personalised Cohen’s programme.

The main changes surround the Personal Diaries section, including the refeed and maintenance diaries, which we believe are the heart and soul of the forum and a key ingredient to everyone’s success. From now on, New Diaries (in any section) will only be allowed if approved by the Administrators in an effort to ensure that only those with approved and personalised Cohen’s Programmes can start a diary.

This key change is necessary as we feel only those with an approved programme should be able to begin a diary in our community. We have seen pre-diaries and while we certainly understand the eagerness to get off the blocks, we feel that a couple more days wait won’t be a disruptive hurdle.

Then there are diaries created by members who have been denied a personalised programme due to medical reasons. Whilst we are very sympathetic to your plight, we can’t be in a position where we can been seen to encourage a "Cohen’s type lifestyle". Dr Cohen denies people for good medical reasons. If he’s honest enough not to take your money, then we have to believe that going on a programme, even a modified one, is a health risk. I don’t want to put our community in a position whereby the encouragement to live a Cohen’s lifestyle, against the Doctor's advice, leads to further health complications.

How will we do this? After much debate, the only effective way to ensure that a member is the owner of a true programme is via the Cohen’s Client Number. This number is on the bottom of every page of your eating programme (except the cover). They are unique for each unique programme.

Anyone wanting to set up a diary will need to provide their Cohen’s Client Number to the administrators of the forum. This information will NOT be divulged on the forum in any way.

Please see the ‘rules’ thread (a sticky at the top of the DIARIES board) if you do not yet have a diary and want to set one up.

Grandfather clause: Management of current diaries…

You will need to comply with this section if you wish to keep your current diary.

EVERY person who has a current diary will need to fill in the NYF Diary Request form found under the "Quick Links" button on the forum navigation bar.

If you have an authentic programme, please include your client number in the appropriate box, if, however you do not, please include one of these lines in that box:
  • I was refused on medical grounds.
  • I have never applied for a programme.
(Your Cohen’s Client Number is found at the bottom of EACH page of your programme except the front cover)

Those who have an authentic programme will be able to simply continue with their diaries as if nothing happened. Please note, your programme does not have to be current, you just have to have purchased a programme at some time. I will accept old Client Numbers so long as they are legitimately YOURS.

Those who were refused on medical grounds will be able to keep their diaries for two months to give you time to wind down your diary (these will be moved on 30th May).

Those who never applied for a programme, or do not have an authentic programme of your own, will have 1 month to wind down their diaries (These will be moved on 31st April).

The CUTOFF DATE for advising admin of your Client Number is MIDDAY, Tuesday 31st of MARCH. After this time we will begin moving any diaries from members who have not contacted us in the prescribed manner.

These diaries will not be deleted, they will be moved to the ‘back room’ of the forum, so that if you, one day, DO get an authentic programme, or decide to provide your Client Number, your diary can be reinstated.

All verified diaries will be altered in their first post, and will have the following added at the end of the first post: “Diary verified by Admin”.

The following rules shall apply to these diaries in the interim…

  • Your diary may be used to discuss your health, emotional wellbeing, general news and information, but NOT information about what you're doing to lose weight.
  • You may NOT discuss 'how to 'do it yourself' with regard to weight loss'.
  • No “pseudo diaries” will be allowed. No threads like “xxx’s thread” or such will be tolerated, they will be moved to the ‘back room’ immediately.
IF you do not currently have a diary, but want one, please see the NEW DIARY RULES thread. It will help you learn how to set up a diary.


In an effort to keep the discussion in one place, please posts any questions you have about the rule changes in the ‘diary rules discussion’ thread. Any posts outside of this thread will be moved there by the moderators. I will set up a thread specifically so that anyone who wishes may discuss these new rules.

Whilst I understand that this will take some getting used to, I am sure you will all understand and respect the fact that this is being done with the community’s best interests foremost in our minds. We hope you will see them in that light.

In closing, I would, again, like to convey my heartfelt thanks to everyone who’s made the forum what it is, whether they have an authentic programme or not. I am sorry some people will be affected by this new rule, I’m confident it’s the right thing for the longevity of the forum remaining a great place to discuss the Cohen’s Lifestyle Programme.

asy. Forum Owner and Administrator

Started: 4th July, 06 (MY independence day!) ... Finished: July 2, 2007 ... 88kg lost in 12 months
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