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Old 21-01-2011, 18:56
kylie Musson Female kylie Musson is offline
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Default When to weigh

Hi everyone, well ive just finished day 9 and going well so far Just a quick question though with regards to weighing yourself. I have always been told to weigh 1st thing in the morning after the loo before a shower "naked" i did this at the end of week 1 and was -3.7 kg but when i went in for my 1st weigh in at the clinic the same day (was 3.30pm) i was only -2.4kg so what do i go from my morning or there afternoon???
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Old 21-01-2011, 19:36
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Default Re: When to weigh

Hi Kylie,

so what do i go from - my morning or there afternoon???
I can already hear all the girls saying "Take the lower reading !!"

Weight is well known to "shift upward" through each day. But, by how much? Some say as much as 2 - 3 Kgs.

It's probably more accurate to go with "first thing in the morning" - 'cos an afternoon weigh could be confounded by :-
1. A hotter/colder day
2. More/less water drank or food eaten
3. Energy expended likely to differ day-to-day

Why not go with YOUR scale weight, but also KNOW the clinic scales are likely to be 1 - 2Kgs heavier later in the day. Once you expect it, it ceases to be a problem, yeah?

Just a big happy hushpuppy
I haven't "done" Cohens - Asy knows me from way back - she invited me to "take a look" here - I did, loved it, and stayed...
And me? I'm a tall skinny bloke (BMI ~23) and have been this way forever, so I haven't faced (weight-wise) what you all have !!
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Old 21-01-2011, 19:39
Alli Female Alli is offline
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Default Re: When to weigh

Take the lower reading!!!

Just had to make Koh's prediction come true

Seriously though, most of us on here use our own scales for our forum weights - I don't even go in to the clinic! I just email them with my weight!

It is completely up to you which one you go for - either one is good loss!! But yeah, if it was me, I'd go with the lower weight as your first thing in the morning weight is the most accurate.

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Old 21-01-2011, 21:20
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Default Re: When to weigh

What did you use as your original reading when you calculated week 1 Kylie? If you didn't have a morning reading for week 1 -3.7 is probably a bit high (use it anyway). However, if you weighed the very first morning, take your morning readings as they are more reliable for the reasons Koh gave.

Started 11/1/08. Lowest weight reached 63.8 kgs on 10/11/08 and 40 kgs down. Thank you Dr Cohen.
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My health is not good and my doctor is predicting all sorts of nasty things if I don't lose weight.
What else do I do? I help people make money and I help people save money. Please take a look at
Back again for the support. Still think the diet and the forum are the best ever, but too old to do it again. Now losing again slowly on maintenance diet. Ticker shows next intermediate goal only (5 kilos).

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Old 22-01-2011, 06:15
kylie Musson Female kylie Musson is offline
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Default Re: When to weigh

Great thanks heaps KOH you always seem to have the right answers and you explain them soooo well! xxx.

When i went in for my orignial weigh in at the clinic it was about 4pm in the afternoon, usually i do weigh myself first thing in the morning though at home. On my week 1 weigh in last week it was -2.4kg i got home and jumped on my scales (so i could see how much they differed) and mine were only 300g more than the clinic ones at the same time of day? so they are practically the same.
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Old 24-01-2011, 23:17
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Default Re: When to weigh

Haha Koh is a wise man!

I weigh myself in the morning but not every day. For my enthusiasm it is healthier to weigh not more than once a week (I would do it fortnightly even but I'm in a challenge with weekly reporting...)

Anyways congratulations to the fantastic loss so far!!
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