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Old 05-05-2012, 15:20
Kerolee Female Kerolee is offline
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Default Still a loooong way to go, but you want me to weigh what?

Okay so I'm almost at 13 weeks, and hoping to hit the 26kg mark on Monday, obviously the more you lose the more you are looking at the potential end question is Cohens says the top of my weight range is 61kg...this is really Aunty has finished Cohens is shorter than me weighed 60kgs and looked like bones...will they really not give you your refeed unless you hit their goal weight?

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Old 05-05-2012, 16:27
Kristine.. Female Kristine.. is offline
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Default Re: Still a loooong way to go, but you want me to weigh what?

Hey Kerolee

It is always scary looking at our ideal weight

It is a foreign country and we haven't travelled there before

You will know when to call it quits, when you start to get hungry. That could be above, at or even well below your goal weight

I started refeed at 60 kilos and stand 1.65 metres tall. I was not hungry and I always felt that I started too soon

Your Aunt will certainly look like bones - for a while, but the body smooths out quite quickly, and settles into it's new shape with great elasticity

I did Cohens #1 in time for my 56th Birthday. I was very concerned that my neck would turn to turkey neck and be lost forever, but what happened was that my skin became translucent! There was a slight looseness about the top layer of the throat and neck skin, but within a couple of months that had found where it was meant to be and although I can 'see' the change (in the wrong light) I would rather be a slim 62 year old with a neck-for-my-age, than an obese 62 year old with a neck-for-my-age (in my case, more a creased look than a saggy or crÍpe paper look, but still in pretty good nick - thanks, no doubt, to all that HGH!)

Don't concern yourself too much. You do, indeed, still have a long way to go, bit it's not too far, really, and you will be there in no time

Leave the worrying about the end weight until you actually get there


Lost 28 kilos in 2006, 15 kilos twice since then and 25 kilos in 2017. This is an On Program+Refeed January 2019 lose 10kg refresher - Goal Weight and Size 10, is just a few week's waltz along the beach!
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Old 05-05-2012, 18:31
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Default Re: Still a loooong way to go, but you want me to weigh what?

I dont think you have a long way to go! Just keep going - we have around the same amount to lose! Time will go very quickly.

I'm already in a size 14 and parts of me look boney but parts still have a bit to go. You will know when you are ready.

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