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Old 11-03-2010, 14:53
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Exclamation Important Tips for New Members

Welcome to the forum and to Cohens!

Take some time to look around at all the posts as there is a lot of really useful information in them.

There are some important things though that often get missed until members are a few weeks in, so we’d like to highlight them for you. If there is any doubt about whether something is a problem we highlight it so members can be aware of it and avoid it. Sometimes this might differ from what some clinics have said, but we take the view that it is better to err on the side of caution.

So here is the list and some also have links to where you can find more detailed threads about it within the forum:

If you haven’t started the program yet here is some great Information for the first few days.

Yoghurt: make sure yours meets the requirements and specifically does not contain inulin which can significantly slow down weight loss for some people. If you are struggling to get used to the taste of natural yoghurt, check out this thread - if you can't find something there that helps you be able to eat it, I will be surprised! Keep trying different brands until you find one that is nice and creamy

Curry: this can be a major problem which can significantly slow down weight loss for some people. There is currently no curry powder available in Australia that is Cohens approved – this includes Clive of India which was previously thought to be ok and may be listed as ok in your program but is not allowed. The safest thing to do is make your own. Here is a recipe for curry and for seasoning (currently on hold as re-checking ingredients with clinic)

Saladas: two small squares = 1 crispbread from your allowance. Wholemeal Saladas are not allowed

Broccoli: is not allowed.

Water: Dr Cohens says to drink between 2 and 3 litres today. Drinking more water can actually cause problems so unless you are in a very very hot climate (like Darwin) think twice before drinking more than 3 litres per day.

Caffeine: is allowed. up to 8 cups of coffee per day, but if you are drinking caffeinated softdrink then only 3 cups of coffee

Cheese: limit to 3 times per week – some people find it stalls weight loss but don’t avoid it completely unless you notice it really is making a difference.

Garlic and Ginger: bottled/crushed are not allowed – must be fresh or dried.

Herbs and Chilli: if these are used fresh they must be weighed with your vege allowance for each meal. If dried, one teaspoon total per day.

Weighing food: all food, except gem squash, must be weighed raw. You cannot weigh cooked meat and try to guestimate if it is right.

Bulk cooking: if you want to do a big batch of soups or casseroles you need to either do them in separate pots or do the vegetables separate from the protein to ensure the correct quantities

Eating before 9pm and waiting 2 hours before going to sleep:
- Eat before 9pm
- Wait 2 hours before going to sleep (yes that is sleep, not bed. You can watch TV or read waiting for the 2 hours to pass).

You should aim to be organised to make sure this can happen every day.

However, in “emergencies” where this is just impossible, you should never skip a meal. And if you have no choice but to eat at midnight, don’t stay up until 2am just to obey the 2 hour rule. Here is a great link explaining it.

But remember – sticking to the rules 100% will lead to the best weight loss Cohens can offer you.

Finishing all your food: you must eat all your meals every day and finish the entire portion, even if you don’t feel hungry. You must eat all your crispbread and fruit for the first 10 days on the program.

Timing of crackers, meals and fruit: Timing for when to eat these is explained here.

How quickly will I lose weight and how much? Koh answers this one here. If you need some inspiration from others who had the same amount to lose as you, check out the Hall of Fame.

Be sure to check out all of Koh’s Classics as there is very valuable information in them – especially the Important stuff that often gets lost

Deviations (not following the program): If you are considering ‘deviating’ or have already and want to get back on track, this post is a vital read.

If you haven’t already started a diary, we’d love you to start one in the New Diaries area. Your diary is the best place to talk about how you are going and get support from other members.

Tickers: the instructions are here

Measurements: These are a great way to keep track of your losses as sometimes the scales fluctuate (which is why the recommendation is to weigh monthly) and you can be losing cms when the kgs aren't moving. Try holding the tape measure out to where you started from - it will blow your mind!

Exercise: is not part of this program see here for clarification

Enjoy your Cohens journey and remember we are here to be your cheer squad!

And don’t forget to make sure you read and follow the Forum Rules


Start 91kg on 5 December 2009 Started Maintenance 64.3kg on 15 July 2010
Goal to be under 3kg of maintenance start weight on the 15th of every month
Maintenance mantra: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should!!

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