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Old 28-04-2012, 14:58
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Default Your Daily Toilette (Grooming)

Your Daily Toilette

toi•lette (twä-l t )
1. The act or process of dressing or grooming oneself; toilet.
2. A person's dress or style of dress.
3. A gown or costume.

[French; see toilet.]

Yep, the Art of grooming ourselves.

And it is an Art, as well as a Science.

Every culture has a grooming standard. In many nomadic cultures, the art of self adornment comprises all the worldly possessions- neck rings, facial piercings, or as decoration – Maori or South Seas Islanders have facial tattoos, and in many cultures the amount of time a woman has to spend grooming herself (evidenced by the makeup she wears) denotes the status of the male of the household.

Those of us on Cohen’s have, somewhere along the line, lost the plot.

Have we also lost the plot with regards to personal grooming? Has our daily toilette been reduced to a quick shower (blindfold optional) in a mirror less bathroom, a spray with deodorant and on with the shapeless clothes we choose to wear, and ‘out the door’ to work or off to busy ourselves with our children or other tasks

As our weight burgeons we tell ourselves we ‘don’t have the time’ to attend to ourselves. Our importance, or so we think, lies elsewhere. The Glamour of Sacrifice.

Maybe we were raised to be ‘selfless’, maybe we were raised to think that personal grooming and presentation was vain and a sin. Maybe even looking in a mirror was frowned upon. I think it is no mistake that many obese men wear lots of facial hair. Are they not allowed to look at themselves for even long enough to shave?

So we develop this love / hate relationship with our bodies as they become increasingly the bodies of strangers.

While on the program, most of us take a fish or evening primrose oil capsule each day. This is to try and minimise the dry and split heels that a low / no fat diet may cause.

But we then rush in and out of a shower which washes away the remaining oil from our skins, and either start the day covered in sticky lotions or watch in horror as the skin on our arms and legs starts to flake and peel.

Having a bath takes no more than running the tap for 3 minutes, and throwing in a handful of bath salts or a cap of foaming bath or shower gel.

You can also use eg Dove age range, which is more of a bath oil, or Hamilton’s which is a great product for baby or aged skin – and for us, those on a no fat diet.

But more importantly, we get to be with just us, alone with our fragile body, for a few minutes each day. We can get to make friends with our body and to enjoy our own company. Turn on the radio, quietly, listen to music or just enjoy the solitude

Since the children have all left home I can now access the bath which is, not surprisingly, in the bathroom. Our ensuite has a shower and up until now, it is only when in UK that I have had baths. UK showers are just too fiddly for words but they all have the hand shower on a hose which s great for rinsing hair (and face) off after washing it in the bath.

At home I have a plastic shower rose on a flexible hose which pushes on to the bath tap. Had it for years, bought it at Bunning’s for a few dollars. Nothing flash, but it also rinses out the bath and I rub dry the bath with an old towel to reduce the number of times I have to actually wash out the bath with cleaner.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, and there are many benefits to having a bath.

Just to prove this to yourself, next time you go into the shower check the time into the actual room, how long the water runs for, and the time out of the actual room. Maybe 15 minutes with a 7 minute shower? More or less? Any difference if it’s hair wash day or not?

You can do the same (time) with a bath, use less soap, less shampoo, have better quality body skin and feel a lot more relaxed.

The only time I now have a shower is when I am putting drain-o on my hair and need to rinse for 10 minutes, so once every five weeks or so and I get to scrub out the shower stall at the same time.

Try having baths for two weeks. Get yourself one of the plastic hose thingies or simply an empty plastic ice cream container for pouring clean water over your face and head before you get out of the bath

Notice the quality and condition of the skin on your arms at the start of the two week period. Notice the time you take to bathe. Notice the quality and condition of your skin overall at the end of the two week period.

Is this more fun than a shower? Does it take any more or less time? Do you feel better for having a simple moment with yourself each day?

I would be interested in hearing your experiences with The Bath.

I will also start another thread regarding Makeup. I have become very interested in Makeup over the past six months and don’t really have anyone to discuss this with. Mike puts on a brave face (so to speak) but it’s not really his area of interest.

Anyway, Blokes and Sheilas, tell me about your Bath and general daily Toilette.

There’s more to morale than weight loss, we have all those lovely hormones clearing up our skin, let’s take a peek at the finished article and make some preparations towards our wonderful future selves!


Lost 28 kilos in 2006, 15 kilos twice since then and 25 kilos in 2017. This is an On Program+Refeed January 2019 lose 10kg refresher - Goal Weight and Size 10, is just a few week's waltz along the beach!
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Old 28-04-2012, 15:59
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Default Re: Your Daily Toilette (Grooming)

Hi Kristine!

Cool thread!! made for some interesting reading!

I've just started Cohen's and I decided on taking a shower with a shower puff and some yum body wash! Haven't progressed to the decadence of The Bath (I have two small children, so trying to get time out can be an issue), but your thread has inspired me to hold off on a rushed shower in the morning of the school week but instead return from the school run, running a bath and having a nice relaxing "child-free" soak!

Thanks for sharing...looking forward to the Makeup one when you do it!

Emma xo
Life is wonderful - health is even better!

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Old 29-04-2012, 00:41
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Default Re: Your Daily Toilette (Grooming)

Hi Kristine,

I love this idea. As mentioned in your diary - I did actually succeed in having a bath this weekend - it was not what I planned but with a two year old who is under the weather and who only consented to get in the bath when mummy said she would too (she normally LOVES her baths and needs no convincing to get into it - and a lot of encouragement to get out of it!). So it was kids strawberry bubble bath, thomas the tank engine bath toys and making bubble dresses for me...... but it was still good. Pretty sweet actually. And before cohens, I would not have done it because I would not have been convinced I would fit in there with her. There was heaps of room left.

78 kilos lost in 12 months - thank you Dr Cohen

Spreading my wings in maintenance and hoping to add to my brood
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