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Old 14-07-2013, 15:48
samummy1 Female samummy1 is offline
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Default Why can't i warm up....

Hi everyone....

Just wanted to find out if anyone else really struggles with the cold...just worried, I did program 2011 and did very well (-30kg) till it came to calving on the farm and I just couldn't keep warm and didn't have enough oomf to carry on...I am 3 weeks in tomorrow and in the zone but any chore I do on the farm dressed like the oros lady to keep warm is unbearable as I can not warm up keep the point that I am in tears and spasms from shivering??? will try anything?

Week 5

Goal 1 - out of the 90's DONE!!!!!!
Goal 2 - 85KG
Goal 3 - 80KG
Goal 4 - 75KG
Goal 5 - 70KG
Goal 6 - 65KG try to reefed without a re feed program....eek!!!
Goal 7 - MAINTAIN and not resort to the old me!!!
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Old 14-07-2013, 15:59
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My NYF Diary
Default Re: Why can't i warm up....

apart from rugging up I don't think there's much you can really do. As a second timer, you're probably aware that people get really cold when nearing refeed...mind you, your body is trying to stay warm and using more energy to do so, maybe that's what's happening? stay rugged up

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Old 14-07-2013, 19:19
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Default Re: Why can't i warm up....

I'm always cold, it's common with ketosis type diets. First few weeks was really bad, but feeling better now though still cold.
Are you sure you aren't coming down with something? Not fever symptoms?
I have always been a cold fish though, feet and hands. Read somewhere that it is worse with people with lower blood pressure... I do have low blood pressure.

Hope you are not sick and stay warm.
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Old 14-07-2013, 21:00
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Default Re: Why can't i warm up....

Hi Sam,

What Ciors has said is very true. Your body will be having to work harder to stay warm with the less food . When i am back in Wanaka i find it takes me hours to warm up if out side. Perhaps try extra layers of clothing, i know its tough on the farm and the weather is extreme where you are ( my cousin has a farm very near Winton).
Drink as much hot fluids as you can i always finds that warms me as i cant have food.

Your body will be adjusting to having to use the excess of body fat to burn to keep you warm, where once we would fuel that with food.

Good luck

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Old 14-07-2013, 21:25
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Default Re: Why can't i warm up....

even after my 15kg loss i am constantly cold now too, its true. My BF thinks im mad that i shiver in bed every night when he is boiling.

The only thing that fixes me is boiling hot long showers to warm up my bones ! Otherwise no wrapping up helps
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Old 14-07-2013, 21:29
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My NYF Diary

Same same same!! -20 and 5 mnth in maintenance and I'm still always cold!!!always
- Claireybell xx

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Old 26-08-2013, 23:47
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Default Re: Why can't i warm up....

hey samummy

think of it this way, every time you feel the chill it is because you have less unnecessary fat to keep you warm! much better a pair of long johns than spare bits, no?

xm (sitting toasty by the heater)

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