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Old 17-06-2015, 18:03
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Default 67 years old


Is there anyone doing cohens over 60. My Mum is 67 and looking fantastic but her weight loss has only been 2kg this month. She is only about 6 kg from goal but only has 2 months left of her extension. Anybody else had problems at this age.


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Old 19-06-2015, 19:03
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Default Re: 67 years old

I did the course at 60 with no problem. I did a tune up at 64, also with no problem and another tune up at 66 with no problem. (all using my original plan, but a bit more relaxed). I believe 65 is as old as you can go for a 1st timer, although that may have changed since I did the initial plan in Jan 2008. I lost 26kg in 22 weeks.


NB: you can click my link below to see my original weight lost spreadsheet and graphs, etc.
My Original Weight-Loss Chart. . . . Personal Target: 69kg; End of refeed: 68.2kg; 1 year later: 69.5kg; 2 years later: 71.5kg; 3 years later: 65.5kg; 6 years later: 68.5kg
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Old 21-06-2015, 12:07
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Default Re: 67 years old


Thankyou for your reply. Good to see your amazing weight loss and that you have stuck to it.
My Mum is very fit and healthy so she was allowed to do the Cohens at 67. She has lost over 20kg so far and is only a short way from goal. It has taken a lot longer due to her age but she has stuck to it and now she looks like a different person. Very very proud of her. Still got the same energy and drive that she always had just a lot lighter. She only has 2 months to go on the extension so we were a bit worried that 2kg a month wasn't going to get her there.
She weighed herself again after the consult and lo and behold she had lost 1.5kg more.
We have great consultants and they told her to sip her water through the day rather than gulp down a glass at a time. Great advice and the weight
is now shifting. She is also going to change her meals around but she has just started that so it was definitely the water problem.


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