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Old 15-01-2010, 11:37
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Default Exercise and weightgain

Hi Everyone...

I put on about 2.5kg over christmas (some has come off) now I am currently 1.6kg above my finishing weight (really only 800g above the top of my bracket). I have been on reset for the last 3 days hoping to go back down to where I was but I havent budged I have been at 49.8kg for the past week and 1/2 regardless of reset. I have recently started doing Pilates (for about 4 weeks now).. I wondered do you think the weight gain could have something to do with muscle gain? or does anyone have any suggestions how else I can budge the weight if reset isnt working
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Old 15-01-2010, 18:53
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Default Re: Exercise and weightgain

You can be exactly the same measurements but with more toned muscle and you will weigh more. Toned muscle is heavier (denser) that fat or untoned muscle. So it could well be a combination of the exercise and the remainder of holiday excess (but probably due to the exercise if you are now 4 weeks into it)
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Old 18-02-2010, 20:19
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Default Re: Exercise and weightgain

Hi all,
I found that I had gained a couple of kilos after beginning excercise but stopped panicking when I measured myself and found I was the same and even smaller in some places!

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Old 06-03-2015, 08:16
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Default Re: Exercise and weightgain

How comforting!
I had the same experience with Pilates. Measurements were the same but I gained weight on reset.
It is going down a little but I'my still higher than end of refeed weight. But I am more toned - which is exciting.
So don't panic as I did when you exercise, do/eat the right things ( most of the time ) and gain weight. Muscles are heavier than fat......
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exercise , weightgain

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