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Old 28-03-2009, 09:43
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Default Calling all maintainers!!

Hi everyone,

I have almost been on the program a month now and so far feeling like its the best thing i've ever done!! I am a long way from maintenance but just have a couple of questions for those of you who have been successful in maintaining your desired weight long after the program.

Do many of you find that you can actually eat MORE compared to before you begun the program?

Do many of you exercise? If so, vigorously? Or just walking etc...?

Do many of you find you can eat carbs rather liberally without having to jump back on the original program?

Do many of you find that you can eat out often? Of course making healthy choices would go without saying, but do you have to be vigilent about 'whats in the sauce on your chicken,' for example?? Or what kind of condiments they have used? Often it's those kind of things that wreck a perfectly healthy meal.

Thanks everyone, can't wait to hear your opinions.


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Old 28-03-2009, 10:32
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Hi Hayley

It is early days for me as a maintainer so there are possibly others with a longer experience. I find I am enjoying exercise as I have heaps of energy though I just fit it in when I can. I am eating more carbs but not as many as beofre the program as I think if I go back to my old diet I will just put on the weight. I was always conscious that my weight would creep when I have carbs. particularly the unrefined ones such as pastas. I will still have them but as a small component of my mail, not as the whole meal.. I will have a small amount of pasta with a lof of salad or veges and not make a habit of doing it too often. I try to make the majority of my diet cohen friendly as that is healthy eating anyway. I still have my fruit and crackers with only occasional bread. Interms of quantity I am not sure, I possiblity eat a similar amount to before but more fruit and less rubbish etc.

I eat out all the time - which I also did during the program, but was and am still careful with my choices. I tend to stick to the meat and salad/veges options, predominantly cohen friendly, my occasional splurge will be mashed potato, I try to keep away from the chips etc. I will have some sauces but once again not all the time.

I hope this helps. I guess the bottom line is that I am cautious, try to stay reasonably healthy as I do not wissh to return to my old eating habits and weight.

All the best

Just trying to fine tuning my maintenance!!
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