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Old 20-11-2012, 18:25
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Default Fish: Baked Fish with Vegetables

NYF Cohen's Recipe
Main Protein
Recipe Name:
Baked Fish with Vegetables
Recipe Description
For something a little bit different and when you feel like an oven cooked meal rather then a stir fry!
Fish baked in tinfoil with vegetables inclosed and a little bit of vege allowance left over for a side salad or some cooked veges!
Be aware - this does use lemon as well, so check you don't over do your fruit allowance for the day!
Fish (I used either gurnard or tarakihi - but depends on what you have available!)
Zucchini (grated)
Tomato (half)
Spinach leaves
Chili flake powder
Dried herbs
Olive oil spray
1. Grab a baking tray and a strip of tinfoil about the width of the tray
2. Give the tin foil a spray with your olive oil
3. Place your fish on the centre of the tin foil
4. Squeeze some lemon juice over the fish and a shake of chili flake powder
5. Spread out some of your grated zucchini to form the base for your vege
6. Spread out a layer of spinach leaves over the fish
7. Slice up some tomato and place on top of the spinach leaves and then top off with some slices of lemon
8. Season with salt, pepper, herbs as you require
9. Wrap the tinfoil up, so the entire fish is enclosed in a tinfoil parcel
10. Place in the oven at around 200c for about 20mins
11. With the rest of your vege allowance - make a salad, do some mushrooms - whatever takes your fancy!
12. Unwrap fish once cooked and serve up and enjoy!!
Level of Difficulty
Time Needed
5min prep, 20min cooking
NYF Recipes v2
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Old 20-11-2012, 22:04
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Default Re: Fish: Baked Fish with Vegetables

Yum! I know what I'm cooking for tomorrow night's dinner! Thanks Jess

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