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Old 15-10-2007, 09:43
Debs Female Debs is offline
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Default Re: Debs Journey

HI everyone

Well, I'm so utterly discouraged with my body today....I actually am really really annoyed.

Following the plan to the letter, plateau last week and then yesterday my body adds on 700grams... and today another 200grams...

un-freakin' believable?!

I am NOT a happy girl at all...

I have drunk slightly more water as it has been a bit warmer and my sleep has been very broken the last 2 nights. I've also had to take some pseudoephedrine for sinus....but it shouldn't have had nearly 1 KILO effect...

I can't understand this at all.....NOT AT ALL....

Usually I plateau and then drop but it hasn't happened this time...If I had binged or deviated I could understand this... If I had drunk 5 litres of water or something, maybe i could see....

BUT I haven't....

I've worked so hard.... I know I'm going to stick this out.....I know I will keep working the programme. It's too important to stop and I don't want to (no matter what that little voice in my head says)... but this is a low blow......
Old 15-10-2007, 10:30
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pandora Female pandora is offline
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Default Re: Debs Journey

OOOHH, Deb honey,

I am so sorry you feel utterly discouraged and annoyed cos it looks like you have gained 900 grams! Please, dont blame your body cos you and your body need and deserve all the love you can get and give yourself at a moment like this. You say my body adds 700 grams etc but its not your body, its those damn scales! Have a look at the scales. Now, if like mine, they are a fairly square object kept on floor. We stand on it and then give all our power and all our hard earned commitment away to whatever result those scales choose to answer back this morning! The scale is an instrument to measure body weight so we can use this as a guide on our weight loss journey. The scales are not the TRUTH of what is really happening, magically, intricately, powerfully, inside YOU! The process YOUR beautiful and hard working body is going thru now and as long as you are on this program, is like a miracle! No computer on the planet cld come within a mile of copying the program that yr own body's computer is undergoing right now.

If you go back to your program guide, Dr Cohen will tell you
Why? My guess wld be to stop you from having the reaction you had today! Doc Cohen KNOWS what it takes to reprogram yr weight from fat to thin and its not rarely if EVER just the scales going down! I have had the same thing happen to me over the past few weeks but once you are committed to this program (AS YOU ARE) you have to TRUST the process and ignore the numbers, they are a guide only, which leads me to my last point.

This daily weighing thing - which i do also - is only for the strongminded who can put up with losing then gaining even - yes - up to 1 kilo - even tho you know you've done great. It has happened to all the superstars who preceed us, the Asys, Baloos, LessFattys etc and i found it quite sobering when it happened to me.

Some people as you know only ever weigh at the clinic OR only once a week. so why not CHOOSE be like me, i dont even complain on here now when its happened to me (temp weight gain)! As long as i truly have done 100% - I just believe in the lowest number so far that i have seen on the scales and ignore the rest! Its my body, i am boss of the scales (not the other way round) and i choose to focus on the LOWEST number so far and forget any minor fluid adjustments etc that look like a gain!

You are your own legend in the making, a superstar and start now to reprogram yr entire approach to those scales and LOVE YOU< YOU< YOU and your body is you so start thanking it for its hard work! If you want to beat anything up, kick the scales! Pandora

Old 15-10-2007, 10:40
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magenta Female magenta is offline
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Default Re: Debs Journey

Pandora's lovely with her words. Your body could be going through a shrinking time rather than a weight loss time, and this time next week you'll be lighter and smaller in size. Hang in there Debs, you're doing beautifully and your body is doing what it needs to do to get ready for the next size down. You say the weather's warming up, more likely your body is holding onto water rather than releasing it. Have you noticed a decline in the trips to the loo? Stay strong, your doing great
Old 15-10-2007, 11:34
Melissa Female Melissa is offline
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Default Re: Debs Journey

Hi Deb,

Big hugs coming your way. What can I say that Pandora hasn't already listed - Gosh she's good.

Just take it for what it is and keep going. You know what your doing works and works well. You also know that you have not put anything other than whats on your plan in your mouth or even had a licked the spoon after stiring something for everyone else. This is why you have to give not credit to those horrible little numbers - and that's all they are just numbers.

I will be watching for your whoop-de-do dance in a couple of days when you will be back to the Debs we know, full of inspiration and jubilation because the numbers are different and what you want to see.

I weigh when I'm feeling good and really couldn't care about what they say other than I can't remember when previously I felt, looked and weighed what I am today. Thats my biggest blast and every time I get on the scales there is not a nine or ten in front. Thats a great feeling. Just look at where you have come from and how you feel in your clothes. Thats got to be a good feeling for you.

Take care and be kind to yourself because there is nothing you have done to deserve the berating you're giving you.

Revisit restarted May 21, 2009

First started May 26, 2007 97.5kg; Cohens Goal range 51-54kg
Old 15-10-2007, 11:40
timtam Female timtam is offline
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Default Re: Debs Journey

Hey Debs!! Chin up! I have read so many of your posts (on your diary and others) where you talk about the "cycle" etc - you know that you are doing everything right - so you know that nature (your body) is just following it's course. In the not too distant future, this little gain will be history, and completely overshadowed by the loss that inevitably will come!

Hope you have a good day! If you can, why not treat yourself to something like a facial to cheer yourself up (as they say in the cheesy ads - "because you're worth it"!!)?
Old 15-10-2007, 12:29
cait Female cait is offline
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Default Re: Debs Journey

Hey Debs,
it's a sad thing to read you are down, when every other thing i've read that you've posted is always so caring and positive.
It's time to turn all that good energy on yourself now.
yes, YOU are definitely worth it.
the scales are not the whole truth.
give them a miss (says me who just bought some!) for a day or so (to punish them!), and then you'll be happy when you do get back on them.
don't be sad, you're too powerful to be defeated.
Old 15-10-2007, 14:24
Debs Female Debs is offline
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Default Re: Debs Journey

Cait, Tam, Melissa, Pandora and Magenta....

I can't thank you enough for your very thoughtful and kind words.I'm so very grateful for all of you... I've actually read through all the responses...gone away and come back with my reply.

I've made a decision and it's going to kill me to do it, but I think it's so important to do.

I'm giving my scale batteries to my husband. I'm not going to weigh every 4 weeks like I should but I am going to limit it to once per week.

I had a bad day today because the numbers on my scales were not what I wanted or expected to see. I felt like I deserved better.

And I was right and Pandora's right. I'm a slave to my numbers. They make or break my day.

The whole ethos about Cohens is that it is to do something that I've never done before. Rapidly decrease my weight. Deal with the issues the fat has been hiding and renovate my outer appearance to reflect my inner image of myself. To embrace Cohens I needed to change all the old habits I had formed which contributed to me being obese in the first place.
I changed my eating habits. I changed my thinking of 'exercise is the way to go.'. I learned to stop hating myself and loathing myself. Instead I became gentle and accepting of myself most of the time understanding that that was the way to move forward in this journey.

One thing I did not do was change my obsession with the scales. In some ways I've transferred my obsession with food to an obsession with those little red numbers. It has to stop. For my own sanity. I have to cultivate a healthy way of looking at my weight and for me, noting every up and down increment is not healthy. INteresting...yes...Motivational...sometimes....Da ngerous...absolutely.

I have achieved so much already on this programme. I have dropped dress sizes. I have mastered my eating by following the plan. I know I will have a new challenge come refeed and beyond... but right now I have a programme that works. I've made massive strides in my dealings with people. I deal with them head on and don't suffocate my feelings with food. I have become healthier, my blood pressure is lower and my immune system is stronger. I could list 100 more positive things that have come about in my life since my decision to change my life with this programme...

And here I am, letting those numbers..... those worthless little numbers... Mess with my head and dictate my mood....


Believe me when i tell you that those scales numbers each day are now an unimportant part of my life! Even when I get to goal I am not going to care so much about the numbers that I get them tattooed anywhere.

It's a guideline
... I know that, I've read that but now I finally, finally understand that.

I'm worth more than those numbers.
I'm worth every sacrifice it has taken to stay on this programme.

I'm making this change now!

I feel freer already.....

A part of me would love to delete this posts, so I can look as if I've handled it all fine...So I can look like I'm cruising through the programme not a care in the world. But I'm a big believer in honesty. This is a journey and a learning curve.

Today I've learned a tremendous lesson and I don't mind learning it in front of you all

I'm not down any more! I'm refocused and re energised!

Old 15-10-2007, 16:21
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pandora Female pandora is offline
I am here for good

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Default Re: Debs Journey

Hi Deb, just got back from 10 pin bowling - school holidays are not over for my daughter till tomorrow!

I am thrilled to read all the other posts and then your own to complete your process. I sense magic in your words, seems like the scales are to blame but really they are your best friend today. Why? Cos thanks to their naughty number this a.m., you have taken back YOUR PERSONAL POWER! You are definately in charge now and you have openly on here for all to see, acknowledged all the truly wonderful changes you personally, YES YOU DEB, have made to your own life and to the life of all the others reading not only YOUR diary but all the wonderful posts you write. Its a day for celebration at Debs house. This now goes beyond mere numbers on a scale for you, this is you reclaiming your power in all areas of your life! Pandora

Old 15-10-2007, 16:44
cait Female cait is offline
On my way - To a new me.
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Default Re: Debs Journey

you are so great Debs, i've got tears in my eyes reading your post.
THANKS for sharing all that you wrote, i know i will be re-reading it when i need encouragement.
i'm so pleased you have found a way through.

i've been looking through the smileys but i can't find one that indicates pride. and applause.
you continue to inspire.

Awesome post - A Thank You from :-
Old 15-10-2007, 23:49
SuzieI Female SuzieI is offline
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Default Re: Debs Journey

Hi Debs,

That was very well said you are an inspiration.
Old 16-10-2007, 05:44
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Default Re: Debs Journey

Debs - to be able to make the self adjustment to suit YOU is a gift. You are on the ball and its good to see that you are. I know you - and you are in this for a win - no second best for you - a bit of weight on today, or yesterday will soon find its up against you and be gone - for good. You go to it and prove that a set of scales is nothing compared to your scorn by them not moving - the old story - hell hath nor fury like a women scorned - so kill them off - make that track past or around them and your on your way. You have a good day and take the challenge to grow a garden - find a square meter and start today just to pay those scales a lesson in your grit and determination - scratch it up and start - tomorrow you can think about what you are going to do - start your plan today !!!!!!!!!!! for the garden - even just an old tub and find a bit dirt - any dirt will do and plant one seed - water it and see what you get - like kilos coming off you will be surprised how one little bit leads to a big lot. Even if along the way it shrinks back or goes a bit dormant to find more energy to have a better growth just down the track.

be good have a good day

Old 16-10-2007, 14:38
Debs Female Debs is offline
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Default Re: Debs Journey

Date: Tuesday 16th October 2007
Cohen Date: W7D4
Breakfast: Farm fresh omelette
Lunch: Chicken and crackers and sweet chutney
Dinner: Beef and vegetable curry
Fluids: 2.4+ lt
Deviations: Missed a cracker

I feel free today! Handing over the scales was the best thing I ever did! I have an new sense of accomplishment but without any judgement... My day is freer and easier and I'm not focused on my results... Just concentrating on making my meals count.

Today is a very happy day.. I feel like I've actually made progress today..Isn't it amazing what a sunny day and a new challenge can do for you?

Andy, I gotta tell you..I'm going to set up a tub on the weekend and try to grow something...We'll see!

I feel like I can move mountains today people!!! It's been a very long time since I felt like this...Makes me wonder if I ate my bad feelings AND my good feelings too....

Life is sharp and in focus and I'm actually living it!!! There's a big difference between living and existing... I think I existed for a very long time.

Thankyou everyone for all your kind words and thoughts and Magenta for the smileys *LOL* If only I could show my husband that that is how he should treat me *LOL* I'm kidding... he's a great man A true gentleman

I'm off to make my lunch... Have a great afternoon my friends!

Old 08-05-2012, 16:11
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My NYF Diary
Default Re: Scales are not always your friend - Debs

This is WELL OVERDUE for a bump !! I keep hearing these same words over and over. You know the ones - "I've been so good - why has my weight gone up?"

Read from the first post - those damn scales have a lot to answer for - Pandora and a bunch of others add more than a grain of truth to the mix.

Enjoy - and learn....
Just a big happy hushpuppy
I haven't "done" Cohens - Asy knows me from way back - she invited me to "take a look" here - I did, loved it, and stayed...
And me? I'm a tall skinny-ish bloke (BMI ~25.5) and have been this way forever, so I haven't faced (weight-wise) what you all have !!
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