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Old 26-11-2009, 16:14
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Default Life after refeed

Hi all, I didn't get the chance to keep a refeed diary or start a maintenance diary. Would have loved too but there just aren't enough hours in the day for me I'm afraid.

Just thought I'd write this post for 2 reasons:
1. To offload all the thoughts in my head about my Cohen's experience
2. To provide some insights to all those nearing or in refeed

My goal weight was 55kg. Started refeed at 54.8kg. My lowest weight during refeed was 53.7kg and I ended up at 54.3, so half a kilo below refeed start.

All I can say about refeed is that it definitely required a lot of planning. I planned out all my meals about 3 days out on an excel spreadsheet. It was the only way I could keep track of changes to proteins and veg. Adding and then subtracting old and new food is quite a challenge but well worth the effort.

Was absolutely terrified that eating more would = weight gain but the science behind refeed clearly works. I absolutely agree with every single post out there that says that refeed is perhaps the most important part of the programme as it really is the critical part where you stabilise your hormones etc. so that you can go back to eating normally (but better food choices of course!) without putting the weight back on. So for everyone about to do refeed....hang in there and follow your programme to the letter. It really is so important!

So here I am 2 weeks into maintenance. Have basically fluctuated between my lowest refeed weight 53.7kg and my refeed start weight of 54.8 (so a range of 1.1kg). I had TOM in there too where I gained 1kg over a couple of days but I'm not counting that as I know that it's water retention.

Thankfully I have found maintenance to be easy. I haven't really been tempted by any sweets or processed takeaway foods or carb laden meals. My appetite is not as big as it was pre-Cohens and I now genuinely look forward to making better food choices wherever I am. For example used to love a baked potato or KFC if I was ever at a food court but now crave a Sumo Salad! I feel so much better after each meal both physically and mentally knowing that I have made a good choice.

I generally try to not eat more than my carb allowance from last day of refeed so for me that was 3 bread/9 crispbread, 2 biscuits and 50g of carbs. To be honest I just don't even want to eat that much during the day! I'm also sticking to all the maintenance guidelines which I have not found hard at all.

I am 100% confident I will continue to maintain successfully. I made the decision when I started Cohens that this was to be a complete lifestyle change...not a quick fix to losing weight.

So in summary for me, the best things about my Cohens experience:
1. I have more energy. Essential when running after my little kids!
2. I feel healthier
3. I am sleeping better
4. I look great! I can fit back into a size 8/10 and LOVE shopping again. It's great to be able to wear clothes that I want to wear, not clothes that I have to, to strategically hide my weight
5. I have more confidence
6. One of the best things is the sense of achievement I have. Cohens would have to be on the strictest plans around and to have finished has made me believe I can achieve anything. Didn't realised how disciplined I could be!
7. It has taught me how to eat properly again and the importance of putting good, unprocessed, fresh food into your body and how it basically affects your weight, your mood, sense of wellbeing etc. Best lesson of all.

To those of you who have finished reading to the end of my very long post (!) thanks for letting me share my thoughts and experience with you. Good luck to everyone about to start refeed. What a journey it has been... and will continue to be!

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Old 26-11-2009, 19:39
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Default Re: Life after refeed

Well said Lindy!
Congrats on your huge achievement!

2013 Goals (Start 14/1@72.6kgs) : Goal 1 : 70kg / Goal 2: 68kg / Goal 3 : 66kg / Goal 4: 65kg
Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another
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Old 26-11-2009, 20:41
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Default Re: Life after refeed

Lindy, congratulations. What you wrote could have just as easily been written my myself. You mirrored my thoughts and preaching exactly. Isn't it great being a "New You"! And it's true isn't it.

"Nothing tastes as good as THIN feels".

Again, congratulations.
My Original Weight-Loss Chart. . . . Personal Target: 69kg; End of refeed: 68.2kg; 1 year later: 69.5kg; 2 years later: 71.5kg; 3 years later: 65.5kg; 6 years later: 68.5kg
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Old 02-12-2009, 11:49
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Default Re: Life after refeed

Fantastic Lyndi. I have just finished refeed and I agree it took a lot of planning, especialy towards the end. I am also hoping to make better food choices and not to overeat, especially on carbs and sweets. I really want to stay to fit into my new small(er) clothes.
What a journey, but it was so worth it.
So far, so good!
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Old 02-12-2009, 14:54
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Default Re: Life after refeed

Hi Lyndi!

Congratulations!!! I really enjoyed reading your post. I am nearing the end of my refeed - just 4 days to go - and you're spot on, there is a lot of planning involved - but it is just so amazing how much we can eat and not put on weight - or even lose more. This program is fantastic!

Best of luck in maintenance land - although it sounds like you don't need luck and you're perfectly in 'the zone'.

Congrats again

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Old 04-12-2009, 13:53
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Default Re: Life after refeed

Hi Lindy
Congratulations. You sound like a born-again slim girl. Well done!
I found your post so informative.
Being relatively new ( 3/52 into a plan to lose 77 Kgs, and haven't even reached my first 4/52 weigh-in at the clinic yet), I''m so curious about what's around the corner.
It all feels as though it's going to happen relatively quickly...... a year, give or take, will fly.
So thanks again for the inspirational words, and the glimpse into the future.
Again, GOOD. ON. YOU.

Determined to be fabulous at 50
Started Cohen's 12 November 2009
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