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Old 19-07-2011, 19:51
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Default Cauliflower!!


Recipe Description
Spiced Cauliflower 
Preparation Steps:
Slice cauliflower, cook cauliflower, eat cauliflower 
Level of Difficulty:
Time Needed:
15 minutes 
During C#2 I discovered cauliflower

You know, that white stuff you boil to a squishy pulp then douse in cheesy sauce?

Yes, that humble white vegetable which becomes a calorie laden nightmare due to culinary habits and limited expectations

Well, one day I did beef & cauliflower and fell in love!

What I do is this:

I slice it. Yep, never mind those precious ‘florets’, this little baby gets sliced! All of it, stalks and all.

Then I toss it into the wok. Love the wok, just great for Dinner For One

Season the cauliflower: I like a shake of garam marsala, salt & black pepper, but it depends on what else I am cooking. No liquid necessary, the Cauliflower comes with it’s own cooking water.

Then I put the lid on the wok and cook, dry, over a low heat for about five minutes (I usually set the kitchen timer or the oven clock as I have a tendency to wander off or become distracted)

After 5 minutes, I give it a shake, pull the cauliflower off to one side of the wok and put in whatever else is the meal – chicken, or beef onto the hot bit

Cover, come back in 5 minutes, turn meat, pour over any left over marinade, stir veg, cover, come back in 5 minutes.

By this time, the pan usually has a lovely brown scorch over the base, especially if I have marinated the meat in vinegar, so I plate up the meat & cauliflower, splash some hot water into the wok and deglaze the pan (reduce this a bit, down to a couple of tablespoons only)

Pour this gorgeous dark brown liquid over the meal and that’s it! Yum! Yum!

Sometimes, I want the cauliflower so much that is the only vegetable I cook – it goes very well with beef, but also with chicken and if I put it with tuna, then the shake is of curry powder.

Today’s lunch was spiced cauliflower, one tiny piece of zucchini, and chicken with saladas

Actually, Cohen’s has meant that I have learned to eg

Cook thinly sliced chicken, put on top of a fresh salad, deglaze the pan and pour the hot, reduced sloshings over the salad. Yummo, and better than any mayonnaise. Plate licking good

And I always use a flat plate, because I actually do, lick the plate!

Try the sliced, spiced cauliflower, and see this amazing vegetable in a new light!

NYF Recipes

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Old 20-07-2011, 09:32
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Default Re: Cauliflower!!

Thanks Kristine! Love hearing your passion for the humble cauli!

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Old 22-07-2011, 08:04
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Default Re: Cauliflower!!

Yummo - sounds great - will try this today!! Thanks Kristine


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Week 6: 88.5kg - 1.3kg = 10.6kg
Week 7: 87.9kg - 0.5kg = 11.1kg
Week 8: 86.7kg - 1.2kg = 12.3kg
Week 9: 21/09/15 - holiday
Week10: 28/09/15 - holiday -300g
Week11: 05/10/15 - 84.8 = 14.2kg
Week12: 12/10/15
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Old 22-07-2011, 19:36
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Default Re: Cauliflower!!

I love cauliflower too, and I only learned about it when I started CD. I love the way your wrote your menu, specially this bit : Slice cauliflower, cook cauliflower, eat cauliflower

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Old 11-08-2011, 15:42
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Default Re: Cauliflower!!

Cauliflower allowance, rubbed with cajun spice, zapped in microwave for 3 mins then add mozzerella allownace and craked pepper, zap in micowave until melted all over the cauli and eat


Non cohens members love it also!!!

Goal 1 - 10 kg complete
Goal 2 - 15kg
Goal 3 - 20kg
Goal 4 - 25kg
Goal 5 - 30kg
Goal 6 - 35kg - 52.3kg
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Old 22-08-2011, 23:04
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Default Re: Cauliflower!!

Yup. I love cauliflower too. Only setback is that it's quite 'heavy', so didn't get much. Nevertheless, my favourite is boiled cauliflower + boiled prawn + fat free mayo + salt to taste. Wonderful!

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