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Old 10-11-2015, 14:50
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I'm new, please be nice to me.
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Default First week weight loss

Hello All

I am a new Cohenites, and it is my day 3 today. So glad to find this forum, people here are all very welcomed and show tremendous love and support to each other This is always my go-to place when I am about to deviate from the program.

To keep me (and everyone else in the forum) stay motivated, could any of you please share how much weight you lost during your first week? I have followed this program religiously the past two days, but have not seen much difference yet, I know it doesnt happen that soon, so I do need some inspiring stories to motivate me.

Thanks heaps!
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Old 10-11-2015, 15:54
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Default Re: First week weight loss

Hi Jen1991!

If I can offer some advice for you... DO NOT weigh yourself everyday - it is difficult but you will be blown away when you finally do weigh in... we all have days/weeks where we will not lose and weight as such but will lose cms so weighing ourselves to often can be counter-productive as we tend to lose faith when the scales don't show the results we are expecting - make sure you do your measurements weekly - I found this to be a great motivated... smaller clothes meant more to me than lower weight

I dropped 10.8 kilos in my first 4 weeks - lost a total of 60 kgs over 13 months!! I didn't weigh until then so don't actually know what my week 1 results were.

I think it is also very important to remember that each of us is on our own journey and we will all lose weight at different rates.... but if we stick to Dr Cohen's program 100% we WILL all lose weight!!

Wishing you the very best with your journey and I am looking forward to following your diary


Start EP - 3/9/2014 - 125.1kg
Finish EP - 7/9/2015 - 65.8kg

Start RF - 8/9/2015 - 65.8 kg
Finish RF - 24/9/2015 - 65.3 kg

Restart EP - 11/4/2016 - Goal 66.0 kg

Weight loss itself is not the goal - Learning to eat healthy for the rest of our lives is what the journey is all about!
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