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Old 29-08-2008, 18:10
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Default Fish.

So i have started, and its going well (only 3days in however - long ways to go) and I have a question about the seafood allowed.

On the list of fish there are alot of types of fish that are not available at the local fresh fish mongers. And I just wonder if you need to absolutely stick to these specific types of fish as long as you stick to the quantities.

For example, if you can have tuna (fresh) then can you also have swordfish (fresh) which is a similar consistency (and fat content presumably)?
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Old 29-08-2008, 18:31
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If its not on your list then you aren't allowed to have it.

If its not on your list then either it hasn't been tested or it has been tested and doesn't make the grade.

Don't start thinking you can swap things around for things that aren't on your list - its a finely balanced diet and you will upset that balance and thats where you will come undone.

The list is gospel - no exceptions.


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Old 29-08-2008, 18:59
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as my dear friend Irene has said - you must only have the type of fish stated - some fish have different fat content as well as different nutrient content which effect things such as your hormones and neurons in the brain and all sorts of other cellular reactions within your body - you pay for a plan so you must stick to it so that it works.

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