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Old 04-03-2009, 10:05
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lol so funny Vee - that dream you had is very similar to one I had when I had finished refeed (or during) and it was that I was driving a combie van and trying to figure out where I was as I was lost - there were lots of winding roads and i came to a dead end road and the only way i could turn around was get very close to the edge (which was a cliff face) - there was a big cement block in the way which i needed to drive over to make it and i nearly fell off....but i made it in the end
Heaviest to lightest - 117kg - 57.5kg (59.5kg)
2008 Cohen's Graduate (lost 37.9kg) finished @ 57.5kg
2010 Cohen's Graduate (lost 16kg) finished at 58kg
Mind~body~spirit approach is my winning formula

Goal 1: Under 80kg (done 4.5.13) Goal 2 - 75kg, Goal 3 Under 70kg, Goal 4 - normal BMI 65.8kg!! Goal 4 - final goal 65 - 62kg and start refeed

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Old 04-03-2009, 12:24
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You made it.

That's all I'm gonna say.
The biggest victory only you can feel in your heart.
You did something unbeliveable.

Now step lightly, gently with baby steps and love....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - THIS IS YOUR NEW BIRTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok, some
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Old 04-03-2009, 13:26
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Hey Vee

I am scurrying off to find your maintenance diary.

I'm here because I need to be, for comfort, love and support. The Forum is my friend
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Old 04-03-2009, 21:06
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My NYF Diary

Hi Vee,

Awesome, girl !!!

No, wait - let me rephrase that.....

Awesome girl !!!


Just a big happy hushpuppy
I haven't "done" Cohens - Asy knows me from way back - she invited me to "take a look" here - I did, loved it, and stayed...
And me? I'm a tall skinny bloke (BMI ~23) and have been this way forever, so I haven't faced (weight-wise) what you all have !!
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Old 08-03-2009, 08:47
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Woohoo for you. Now I'm going to have to go into Maintenance diaries to keep up with the goss. Glad to hear you are so happy with everything.
Strange dreams we have sometimes, yours sounds like it was trying to tell you of the struggles you have been through on this journey (the ups and downs, ramps up and down) but even though it was dangerous you get through unscathed (as you have now got to Maintenance). Well done and hope to catch up again soon.


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Old 14-03-2009, 12:47
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Wow are truly amazing! If you can do it...the rest of us will be able to follow suit. I love your calm and positive self...way to go...GRATZ on your results!
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23 Feb START: Goal 1: 79.9kg9Mar|Goal 2: 75kg5APR| Goal 3: 69.9kg5MAY|Goal 4:65kg9Jun|Goal 5:59.9kg23Jul| Goal 6: 55kg01Sep|Goal 7:Refeed@53kg|End Refeed@54.7kg
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