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Old 14-05-2009, 13:44
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Hi all

OMG I was so surprised at how many lovely messages I got to celebrate me finishing refeed. I was touched . Thank you all, takes a bow!!

It looks like I am going to need to start a maintenance diary. But for now.......

CC - I haven't thought about the song thing.........ummmm .....gimme a few days K? We do get a rough guide, more guidelines really. I am just tippy-toe-ing at the moment. Same breakfast, wraps protein and veg for lunch, dinner is kinda whatever the boys are having, modified. I burned the hell out of my tongue last night with the chicken pot pie, dopey me. Tonight I am making a sausage (3 different sorts) casserole. I won't be eating it, probably chicken and veges. I did the ultimate lazy today.......Coles has those steam-fresh veges on special, they are already in single serve packs, should be about the right size for when I want really quick and easy veges. 3 different varieties, so I got one of each .

Kay - Me???? Grounded??? Are you insane? This is all skin-of-my-teeth stuff. I guess Cohens has taught me what I should be eating, I am pretty much just going with that with variation on the theme. Today I'm having a chicken and bacon wrap, with some salad and a little cheese. I am soooo looking forward to eat. Still not hungry though???

Yeti - Oh baby, I didn't die, I'm not going anywhere. Maybe I won't be around quite so much but I will be watching. I want to see the finished product, you skinny thing you. I will PM you my e-mail address for if you really need me, or my mobile if you need to text me or whatever. Cool??

Koh - I am happy where I am, strange hey?? I plan on only weighing once a week, just to make sure. I still haven't got the urge to go crazy but we did get the menu for a local Indian restaurant in the junk mail yesterday. I went through and marked all the stuff I wanted to try. Sat and reread it and you know what..............its was all carbs. I have always been a big naan fan, I can't be bothered with normal bread, but I love all the fancy stuff, the naan, bagels, english muffins etc etc. Don't panic, I know that these are available in strictly limited amounts.

Mette - Thanks honey. Before you come back I'll have to send Alex over to you so you can take him to Legoland.

Vee - Let's hold hands and skip.

Louise - Yep, you are so right about those tests, I seem to get smarter everytime I do one. Though I haven't done one for ages, pretty such pregnancy killed alot of brain cells.

Purple - So cool, good luck with it. The maths is brutal, don't try to think too many days ahead or your head will explode.

Rach - Don't worry honey, I will be watching you. I have afew people who I have to oversee for the remainder of their journeys. Remember I want photos every now and then!!!

Time for lunch, take care all, and staying tuned for the recipie filled maintenance diary.


I'm here because I need to be, for comfort, love and support. The Forum is my friend
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