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Old 08-01-2014, 16:44
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Default Dealing with the winter blues

Itís inevitable: the feeling of letdown following the rush and excitement of the holiday season. Here we are just a few days past New Yearís and thereís little to look forward to for months ahead besides cold and the heaviness of the winter doldrums. Itís enough to make anyone feel morose. In fact, some people are so intensely affected by these feelings that it becomes a form of depression known as seasonal affective disorder or SAD. This is a recognized illness that affects thousands of people each year, most often in the winter, but sometimes in other months as well.


The Mayo Clinicís website says symptoms of the disorder include a lack of energy, moodiness, depression, hopelessness, social withdrawal, oversleeping, cravings for foods high in carbohydrates, weight gain, a heavy or ďleadenĒ feeling in the limbs, and difficulty concentrating. They offered some suggestions for treatment, which can vary from light therapy, (where you sit a few feet away from a bright light for some period of time every day) to antidepressants, to lifestyle changes.


The former two treatments are clinical and can be important when your SAD is severe. However, some people who have a milder form known simply as the winter blues could benefit from making a few changes in their lives. For instance, donít make your home feel like a cave, youíll only feel more like hunkering down and hibernating until June. Instead, open your blinds as soon as the sun is up and sit near the sunlight when you can. If itís not too cold, take more walks outdoors so you can soak up those UV rays and that Vitamin D. You can even do this on cloudy days because those UV rays can still get through.

Amp up your exercise regime, whether you need to join a gym or buy a workout DVD. Get a friend to workout with you so you have extra motivation and to make exercise more fun. Try to socialize more in general, even when you donít feel like it. Try having a movie night or pajama party with some friends. offers some fun, comfy footed pajamas in adult sizes in patterns that could help you feel extra cheerful.

Whatever you do, donít keep your feelings to yourself, especially if this is a depression that has recurred over two or more years or you begin feeling entirely hopeless. No one can help you if they donít know what youíre going through. And remember that winter doesnít last forever. Make plans for things to look forward toónot four months out, but maybe a few weeks out. This will help you look at time in smaller chunks and help you survive your winter blues.

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Old 03-11-2015, 17:05
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Default Re: Dealing with the winter blues

Thanks for sharing the information
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