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Old 23-02-2013, 18:28
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Default Anyone else from Wellington???

I'm Karen and I am almost finished week 3 of my program! I am doing the program through a wonderful consultant in the Auckland office but am wondering if there are any other people here from Wellington??? Just thought it would be nice to have some local "Cohenites" to be able to chat to also Or to be able to meet up if keen???
I will be here for some time as I have at least 70kgs to lose
1st goal - 10 kilos lost (done 4/3/13) 2nd goal - 20 kilos lost (done 8/4/13) 3rd goal - 30 kilos lost (done 20/5/13) 4th goal - 1/2 way through my journey - 35 kilos gone! (done 10/6/13) 5th goal - 40 kilos lost and into the 90's! (done 8/7/13) 6th goal - 50 kilos gone and in the 80's! (done 28/8/13) 7th goal - 60 kilos lost and into the 70's!! (done 13/11/13) 8th goal 70 kilos gone and in the 60's!!! Bring on refeed I say....

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