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Old 01-03-2007, 08:10
banana split Female banana split is offline
On my way - To a new me.
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I want to say a B I G F A T thankyou to those Cohenites who have almost completed or already completed this program and continue to post in a most inspiring way.

Thanks Kristine, Asy, LessFatty, Brieziel, Lonniecee - your posts lift me, particularly when I am in the doldrums. When I'm having a hard time of it I go back and read old encouraging posts. We may never meet, but my heartfelt thanks to you all.

My weight has been stagnant and I was down until I logged on a read your posts this morning first thing. I will continue, finish. (thanks Kristine).

Yes we are all angels incarnate, here to remember who we truly are and act accordingly. Thanks for flying my way.

Bless you all.

started Cohens 17 January
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Old 01-03-2007, 23:19
Lonniecee Female Lonniecee is offline
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Banana Split, keep at it and keep getting inspired, it's how we all get there. For me the forums are a way of not 'being on this alone', especially as I'm unable to get into my clinic on a regular basis, though I'm planning on an actual visit to them when I'm on annual leave in April. This will coincide with week 32 and picking up my refeed, so something I'm really looking forward to.
Remember, whilst we inspire you, the newbies are also helping us, we need to be 'pushed on' and encouraged by those following, so seeing your success is a bonus for us too.
Thanking all the newbies
Started Sept 4th 2006 -&gt;104.8kg&nbsp; <br />Completed refeed May 2nd 2007 -&gt; 57.5kg<br />Total lost -&gt; 47.3kg
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appreciation , big , thankyou

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