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Old 15-01-2013, 19:44
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Default In between clothes.

Sorry if this has already been asked.
What did you do for your in between clothes? Having been the same size for a while I have got quite a few clothes. Some are a little tight so will be able to wear them for a bit.

Guess what im trying to ask is did you buy new clothes along the way or just wear the clothes you had and brought more/new ones as you neared your goal weight?

Also what did you do with all your old clothes? Some I will give to mum as her in between clothes but after that im not really sure.
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Old 15-01-2013, 20:19
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Default Re: In between clothes.

I would recommend holding off buying any clothes that are more of a 'luxury' until the end of the journey! As I made the mistake of buying some items which then quickly got too big!
I brought some cheaper basics which lasted me through and a bit big now but still wearable and got my lovely Mum to take in my clothes that were too big!
So now my skirts and dresses fit me properly again!
Another tip is to get some waist belts and use those on any dresses to give you some definition in bigger sized clothing!
For my clothes now - luckily my Mum is doing cohens and her goal weight is about the size I am now - so have been giving her clothes throughout the past few weeks and have another big bag to pass on!
Other options are I guess to sell secondhand if in good condition or pass on to charity

So exciting buying new clothes! Probably not so good for my bank balance!
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Awesome post - Thank You from :-
Old 19-01-2013, 10:10
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Default Re: In between clothes.

Hi S!

I'd really recommend not buying too many clothes at all! You just drop through the sizes so quickly, ie. 4-6 weeks. That's pretty expensive if you need a new 'wardrobe' for every size.

Specials are amazing if you want to buy new, I found some pretty good jeans for $5! so got 4 pairs in 4 different sizes, that was awesome! Or if you dont mind 2nd-hand, it's a good way to get just a few outfits to last you for a couple of weeks.

As you know I don't work in town but in overalls, so I only needed 1 presentable outfit in each size (& secretly I loved wearing clothes that were too big for me too! (just around the house) They made me feel small LOL)

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Old 19-01-2013, 11:27
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Default Re: In between clothes.

secretly I loved wearing clothes that were too big for me too! (just around the house) They made me feel small

so funny Rochy...I kept one 'garden' set of clothing that are waaaay to big and I think the same thing!

S, I didn't buy too much on my journey, I did put darts etc in skirts so I could keep wearing them...again I stuck to specials. el cheapo stuff so I could spend a bit when I reached goal

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Old 11-04-2013, 19:38
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Default Re: In between clothes.

Don't buy the new clothes now, just wait for some time to drop your weight than go for the new clothes..
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Old 31-08-2013, 21:39
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Default Re: In between clothes.

If you want to buy new clothes then just buy cheap clothes till you lose your weght.
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Old 13-01-2014, 09:31
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Default Re: In between clothes.

I bought some jeans on ebay (a brand I always wear so I knew the sizing). I picked up a light blue denim for $4 and a dark denim for $10. I also then bought a few cheapish tops and that was my staple wardrobe for the 6 weeks until I got to the next size.

I also bought a couple of flowy dresses (also ebay). I have worn them with a belt as I have shrunk in size. My other favourite is leggings and oversized top. That outfit has shrunk with me and I've worn it for the last 15kgs.

I was a bit lucky though. I have yo-yo dieted over the last 20 years, so I have clothes in pretty much every size! This time though, as I have grown out of my clothes I have given them away to other Cohenites. I don't want to give myself permission to put on weight again.
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Old 29-07-2014, 05:33
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No buy the new wardrobe when you done ..... I had a lovely friend that passed her bigger close down too me as she already lost 25kg on cohens when i joined but they only went down to a size 16 so after that i bought a few pieces on a good sale of found some nice clothes at the opshop
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Old 16-05-2018, 18:43
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Default Re: In between clothes.

Hey S,
You can buy new clothes, but it would be preferably to buy skirts with garter so that even if you have already reach your goal size. You didn't need to buy new ones.
hope this helps. Cheers!
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Old 26-07-2018, 00:57
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Default Re: In between clothes.

I prefer to dispose those who aren't used. Buy clothes that fits on you perfectly.
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Old 02-11-2018, 21:15
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Default Re: In between clothes.

Have you had some weight loss recently? I repurpose them. Some i gave away.
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Old 30-12-2019, 19:43
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Default Re: In between clothes.

I suggest you not to buy any new clothes until you lose your weight, but if you wanna buy for any occasion so I suggest you to buy cheap clothes not expensive.
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Old 19-07-2022, 16:51
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Default Re: In between clothes.

It depends on whether you are gaining weight or losing weight. I would go with something looser fitting and somewhat adjustable for awhile until you reach a point where your weight is more stable.
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