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Old 18-11-2010, 10:42
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Default What is Maintenance really like?

Hi all. I'm pretty new to the diet (2.5months) and this forum. I have an idea of what refeed is like but am totally clueless as to how maintenance works. Are there guidelines that you'll have to live by forever or can you eat just about anything (in moderate amounts of course)? Will I be able to have a little cake every now and then? Butter?
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Old 18-11-2010, 12:28
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Default Re: What is Maintenance really like?

when you do refeed you will be given maintenance guidelines
if you read some maintenance diaries you will get some ideas

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Old 18-11-2010, 18:20
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Default Re: What is Maintenance really like?

They give you guidelines for what to do if your weight goes up and what to do according to how much it rises by. They do give you some eating rules to help you so this is less likely to occur!

Just trying to fine tuning my maintenance!!
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