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Old 12-12-2008, 22:34
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Default Rules For the WaterWise Challenge


  • Each Monday set your goal for how many litres of water you committ to drinking everyday. Must be between 2 and 3 litres. Anything outside this range must be approved with your Cohens consultant.
  • We are going for 14 days waterwise..
  • Water Icons are to be added at the end of each fortnight
  • Anyone can join at any time, but for new participants, more than 4 days after the beginning of the challenge and you will need to wait till the next one starts. Those who have been in the previous challenge can join after the 4 day period (unless, of course, they have not been waterwise)
  • If you join after the start date, you still have to have been waterwise since the official start of the challenge to be eligible
  • You can only use water icon in your signature if you are part of the mango challenge and have confirmed the waterwise fortnight (Anyone who uses them without this will have their whole sig deleted)
  • If you earn five or more waterwise icons , please only have one in your signature and the number, for example x 5
  • If you are not "waterwise" for a day you’re out for the fortnight. If you are not "waterwise" two days in the fortnight you lose any previously won Waterbottle signatures.
  • If you are in the waterwise challenge your signature will read: I'm WATERWISE: x3*
  • If you are in BOTH MANGO AND WATERWISE your signature will read: I'm MANGOIFICENT and WATERWISE: x4* x2*
*Note – numbers are examples only. Use the numbers that are right for you.

Here are the codes for your signature. Just copy the first one if you are only in the WaterWise challenge. Copy the second one if you are in both the Mango and WaterWise challenge. Don't forget to take the spaces out after you paste:

[color=blue ]I'm WATERWISE![/color ] :water :

[color=orange ][b ]I'm MANGOIFICENT and WATERWISE!!! [/color ][/b ] :mango : :water :

Obviously take the space out of each code, so [color ] should be [color] and the mango : should end mango:

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