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carrieanne_c 20-08-2009 06:28

carrieanne's refeed party
Hi All! Just getting set up for refeed. Welcome! Watch me while I eat sliced bread and other wonderful refeed items-yum barley! Now who is actually missed barley?(be honest:rolleyes:)

Namaste 20-08-2009 07:54

Re: carrieanne's refeed party
** Knock Knock...
Can I come in....?

Okay, so you didn't miss barley...but what about Hops?
Because I brought beer...

All the best in refeed land lovely!


Big hugs,


nattyg 20-08-2009 07:55

Re: carrieanne's refeed party
Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!
Well done lady!
Isn't barley in beer? does that mean you're allowed beer?

Ha ha ha, Namastae - your message wasn't up when I started typing mine! Can I share some of your beer? ;)

FlaMie 20-08-2009 12:00

Re: carrieanne's refeed party
wowowowow I love barley on its own! It is a cooling drink over here :)

tomorrowisnow 20-08-2009 17:03

Re: carrieanne's refeed party
Can't say I'm missing barley or bread really, just food in general - more of what we have now. Actually I can't wait to be able to have SALMON - even tinned salmon, I have missed it.

When are you starting Carrianne? I am starting Monday, maybe we will be there together. How many days do you have?

Goodluck with it all, I will be reading with anticipation!

carrieanne_c 21-08-2009 20:43

Re: carrieanne's refeed party
I am still not over the salmon trauma I caused myself, I know i said I was, but since nam pointed and laughed so much, during my deviant moment, I still feel dirty from eating it that time. The refeed list says barley not when it has been processed with hops to make the golden nectar that I love. When will I get here to honky white bread land? who knows?

Namaste 23-08-2009 19:38

Re: carrieanne's refeed party
Lol. But then Karma came and bit me on the bum and I unknowingly deviated by eating what I thought was a paw don't make me feel bad.

Bring on the white bread already.
Carrieanne - are you on refeed?


Okie dokies chickie, hope the day is lovely and sorry for making you feel dirty.

hope_ful 24-08-2009 17:22

Re: carrieanne's refeed party
hi carrieanne, welcome!
u must be so excited and proud to be here!!

yes nam you're allowed rice hehe and barley is really delish cooked in stews and soups, its like big floaty pieces of rice in soup but yummier and chewy.

cant wait to read all about your refeed adventures.. how long is yours?


carrieanne_c 25-08-2009 05:56

Re: carrieanne's refeed party
hi hope its 14 days, you can have rice but not till like late in refeed and i think its like 29 rice grians and you have to count them-lol.

carrieanne_c 25-08-2009 06:40

Re: carrieanne's refeed party
Elvis has left the building and I have eaten the bread-normal white sliced bread-BORING-I just don't get it- When I lived on the farm- and we lived 25 miles from the grocery store we used to buy like 25 loafs of bread at a time and keep it in the deep freeze-it would be a crisis situaton if my grampies thought they were down to 5 loaves, here in spain the people can't eat with out bread either. Just don't have the bread passion-anyhoo-for all the bread lovers out there I used my first piece to sop up my curry broth-must say much more absorbant than the crackers. But then again so is a papertowel but that is not on refeed. I just hope it produces a poo.

i added my extra protein and veg to the midday meal-had to eat with theboss in a restaurant but since i didnt want to screw up took my tupper with me ordered ham and melon and asked if i could eat my own salad that I had brought - they were fine with it-after all many times i had gone there and ordered plain chicken breast with just lettuce so they already know that i am a weird customer. the melon over here comes with the famous spanish salt cured ham so i gave that to the boss. I will use that as the exta fruity.

what a nice thing to not have to ration the fruit so much so I did half a apple with the yogurt.

I also think it may be easier if i add the extra protein and veg to one meal (midday) and stick to original plan suppers-we will see. All in all so far so good. I will keep you posted, tomorrow is more of the same with 5 mre bites of protein and four more bites of veg.

ok going to go see how the non bread eaters ar doing!

carrieanne_c 25-08-2009 06:42

Re: carrieanne's refeed party
oh yeah, i started at 65.7k pre poo no poo day. I took 5 sen pills tonight to see if we can inspire movement.

rowemob 25-08-2009 08:08

Re: carrieanne's refeed party
Hi Carrieanne,
Congratulations on starting refeed :kneelb4: fantastic effort.
I hope to join you soon.

FlaMie 25-08-2009 13:08

Re: carrieanne's refeed party
Hi carrieanne, I was told by my consultants that the additional food quantity must be divided over 2 meals and it is to followed through strictly. So it seems that our refeed varies over here. I know for sure I am not allowed to have them all in one meal.

Anyway, not too eager to begin having bread as that would take away my crackers allowance which I much rather have. hehehe

Having an equally horrible day today with the cramps and all and having to teach continuously and to end up with a management meeting lasting 5 hours. I'll see how it goes - I might just want to skip the meeting!

kiwinui 25-08-2009 14:34

Re: carrieanne's refeed party
Welcome to refeed Carianne let us all live vicarioulsy through you!!!

I love your diary and make me laugh...

carrieanne_c 25-08-2009 16:19

Re: carrieanne's refeed party
post pee prepoo weight 66. so now i just sing that song by 3 degrees

"when will i see poo again"

When will I see poo again?
When will we share precious moments?
Will I have to wait forever?
Or will I have to suffer and cry the whole night through?

When will I see poo again?
When will our hearts beat together?
Are we in love or just friends?
Is this my beginning or is this the end?
When will I see poo again?
(When will I see poo again?)
When will I see poo again?

Are we in love or just friends?
Is this my beginning or is this the end?
When will I see poo again?
(When will I see poo again?)
When will I see poo again?
(When will I see poo again?)
When will I see poo again?
(When will I see poo again?)
When will I see poo again?

Roxy 25-08-2009 16:21

Re: carrieanne's refeed party
Hi Carrieanne

At last, well done to getting to refeed. You deserve it. When are you allowed a drink? Can't wait for my first glass of wine.....yummy....yummy....

Good luck and keep us posted. Look forward to following your refeed journey and you better not dissapear once you are finished.

We have a big conference on Monday 31 August so I am very busy at work. Won't have much chance to be on the forum this week but will try to pop in to follow your progress!!! Good luck and happy eating :-)

Roxy 25-08-2009 16:23

Re: carrieanne's refeed party
Jinx...we posted again at the same time. They say "Great minds think alike". Have you not had a poo after 5 senakots. If I took 5 I think I would lose 10kg in 1 day....ha, ha....I am sending the poo fairy to you lets hope there is movement.......

carrieanne_c 25-08-2009 16:24

Re: carrieanne's refeed party
Flamie mine says split or add to one I m pretty sure(I left my book at work yesterday)

Thanx for poppin by kiwinui, I am glad to have you along on the refeed ride!

julie 25-08-2009 20:39

Re: carrieanne's refeed party
Hi Carrieanne congrats on staring refeed I so wish I was there you go girl you deserve it you have come such a long way. I hope the scales are very kind to you:D

thenewvee 25-08-2009 20:49

Re: carrieanne's refeed party
Congrats on starting refeed, Carrieanne!
Mmmm with your extra quantities, you should be seeing poo pretty soon!
I reckon in the beginning of refeed, when the quantity increases are not too big, it's fine to have them in one meal, but when it gets further down the track you may find the quantities too much for one meal. Then you will find you will probably want to split them over 2 meals.
Hope you get some movement real soon, and enjoy your refeed!


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