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carrieanne_c 05-02-2010 07:57

snacky on maintenance
I wonder if it is better to inbetween meal snack on things like celery or carrot sticks or chicken soup or is it better to have fruit and crackers-sometimes i just want a salty vegetable-cuke or carrot - green pepper!

sundaymorningstaple 05-02-2010 14:57

Re: snacky on maintenance
You can have whatever turns your crank! ;)

It's up to you to find out what your balance is. You might be able to do it occasionally. You have to continuously experiment to see where your equilibrium is.

Winkiedo 20-08-2011 19:33

Re: snacky on maintenance
I was about to post the same question. My management guideline says

14. Snacks
If you get hungry in between meals, have some protein.

For example: processed cheese: mozzarella, cheddar, roquefort, brie, camembert or parmesan. Altenatively you could have some cold chicken, meat, yogurt or biltong (dried meat).

One week into maintenance, I have been alternating yogurt and crackers and cheese.

For maintainers out there what do you have for snacks? Do you follow this rule? On plan and even now, I get hungry between 4 and 430 pm. So I take a snack for fear of bingeing and getting out of control.

louise41 20-08-2011 19:35

Re: snacky on maintenance
I have had many snacks of crackers and cheese, which I love, but for me I find I maintain my weight better if I snack on fruit, it seems to fill me up better

Embee 20-08-2011 21:04

Re: snacky on maintenance
I usually have a couple of biscuits with a coffee mid morning (most days) ... then if I am hungry in the afternoon or after dinner at night I have a piece of fruit or maybe some crackers on their own or with cheese and/or tomato

FlaMie 21-08-2011 01:26

Re: snacky on maintenance
I love tea with evaporated milk and that's what I go for when I have a strong craving to snack but again, I'm not really into snacking but DRINKING TEA

Winkiedo 21-08-2011 02:57

Re: snacky on maintenance
But my management guideline says only one fruit is recommended (although so far I have been having 2 and it seems okay with my body) and it says you should eat fruit right after a meal. Okay, thanks for the replies, I was wondering if I am wrong in eating crackers for snacks.

louise41 21-08-2011 12:39

Re: snacky on maintenance
I almost always have my crackers as snacks Cecile.

Winkiedo 21-08-2011 12:55

Re: snacky on maintenance
thanks louise. I will observe how my body reacts :) I love this forum. Someday answers your questions quickly.

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