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losing 09-01-2008 06:48

Re: 5 months to surgery - losings Diary
hi Kase

Thanks. I think tonight will be worse because my legs are tired and I have to run 1.5 tonight........

Another small loss today - will be back to 57 before I know it.

Have a good one

losing 09-01-2008 18:28

Re: 5 months to surgery - losings Diary
I just ran 1.5klms :linenana:

This is just such a first for me - and no one except myself is pushing me to do this. I have never been focused on fitness and it is an amazing change.

I had thought 2007 was a great year of change for me - losing 27kgs and all. But maybe 2008 is going to be MY YEAR..

Have a great evening

losing 10-01-2008 06:38

Re: 5 months to surgery - losings Diary
It's going great -another 200g this morning. :groovy:

What would we do without this forum - it helps so much to "own" your problems and record the little triumphs along the way, and make new buddies who support you.

Have a great day

FotoHijinx 10-01-2008 08:33

Re: 5 months to surgery - losings Diary
Its definitely your year Losing!!

Well done - you'll reach your goal shortly.


losing 11-01-2008 06:22

Re: 5 months to surgery - losings Diary
Thanks Irene

Another 200g - this is going so well

And I had a rest night and went to the movies instead of running.


losing 17-01-2008 06:56

Re: 5 months to surgery - losings Diary

Well this week has been weird - had a couple of wines on Sunday and the next day went up 1.3kgs - could be wine , could be weight fluctuations.

Anyway that is now dropping again so that is good.

I ran 2klms last night which is pretty wild. I am going to get to 3klms and then speed it up a bit. I am at 8klms per hour now.
Tonight I go to the doctors to get my referral to the Plastic Surgeon........
Tuesday I had laser hair removal on my armpits and next week the bikini line.........
It is ALL happening at my house.
At work I have been winning these little awards lately and I have $200-00 of vouchers saved up for new underwear after the surgery.


losing 11-02-2008 07:41

Re: 5 months to surgery - losings Diary
I have been very busy lately and not able to get to my diary. I have changed my ticker to reflect my changed goals. THere is 107 days until my surgery and I am starting to get very excited about the whole thing.

I am also hugely impressed with the laser hair removal. It is already building my self confidence and I know next summer I will wear singlets and togs without a worry. Can't wait.

Had a quick look and it is great to see everyone going so well. I am back to weighing my foods and am in the zone again, so I know nothing will stop me from being 53 when I have my operation.

Sharon :i

ConnieK.. 11-02-2008 08:42

Re: 5 months to surgery - losings Diary

Just curious, I saw a Plastic Surgeon a few years back when enquiring about an "Apronectomy" (disgusting word LOL) as I have no feeling below my navel since my last c section. He advised me that due to the fact I had had an emergency caesar he could do the apronectomy on medicare as it was "repairing the effects of traumatic surgery" just wondered if you had any emergency c sections and if so you could ask if some work could be done on this. I never had it done as I wanted to lose the weight first.

Just thinking out loud


losing 12-02-2008 22:27

Re: 5 months to surgery - losings Diary
Hi Connie

I haven't seen my surgeon yet (I do in 30 days) however I beleive that due to c/sections that I have had - one was emergency, that medicare kick in - but it is still costing me about $13000 and they would only kick in until my youngest turned 7 (she does 1 month after my surgery). In fact, even breasts can be done under medicare if they are sufficiently saggy - i have yet to find out what the benchmark is for that one. I'll let you know in a month.

I will be posting some before and after surgery photos and am more than happy for anyone to ask me questions and will give an honest account of my experience.

Best of luck Connie - will you go for the surgery when you are finished,


PS no weight loss today for me :cry:

losing 13-02-2008 06:40

Re: 5 months to surgery - losings Diary
yeah 300 grams down last night.

I really want to lose 2 kgs in 30 days - all I can do is stick to the plan and hope for the best. 30 days til I see the doctor.

Oh and I got another $50 voucher to add to the new undies total of $250. So I can't wait for that either.

Have a good day

Sharon :cheer:

ConnieK.. 13-02-2008 09:27

Re: 5 months to surgery - losings Diary

I am not sure, I would have to reassess when the time comes I guess. I would probably at this point only go for the apronectomy. I have had teh same size bust (E cup) since I was 14, they never changed when I had kids and regardless of whether I gain or lose weight the cup size never changes. I am sorta used to them LOL


losing 14-02-2008 07:31

Re: 5 months to surgery - losings Diary
Its not much but one hundred grams down last night. I am a serial weigher and like to celebrate even the smallest loss. It all adds up in the end. I have lost 2.5 since I started weighing my food/

For anyone who is interested it wouldn't be costing as much for surgery if I had private health - they would pay most of the stay in hospital. SO please don't be put off by what I am paying.

Have a great day

losing 15-02-2008 06:50

Re: 5 months to surgery - losings Diary
Another 200grams - I think I will achieve the results I want before my surgery. I am committed to eating this way for life, with the odd occassion that I relax. The flip side is pimples and weight gain - yuk don't want that - so after my surgery I am going to not weigh my foods but stick to what I am eating now - it is not a diet to me - it is how I HAVE to live. SOme people have food allergies and mine is processsed foods - no big deal.

Have a good day - nothing can keep us down.


FotoHijinx 15-02-2008 08:07

Re: 5 months to surgery - losings Diary
Hi losing you are doing great - it won't take you long to reach your goal.


losing 16-02-2008 08:55

Re: 3 months to surgery - losings Diary
Hi Irene

Thanks for visiting -

I thought I would update the thread name - because it is only just over 3 months to surgery and not 5.

No loss today - all is good


Kristine.. 16-02-2008 14:20

Re: 3 months to tummy tuck - one year after refeed - losings Diary
Hi Sharon

I have just caught your post and although I don't want to appear negative, are you really sure you are prepared for the aftermath of the surgery you are planning?

I have a customer who had a 'tummy tuck' about six months ago. Cute words, not a cute result. Her navel is now off centre, and she has been in constant pain since the operation.

Considering that this is considered 'non-intrusive' surgery, ie the muscle wall is not breached, what could go wrong? Plenty, is the answer. She now has to have the surgery again, and there are no guarantees that she will not have a life time of pain to look forward to.

At 55 kilos by no stretch of the imagination could you be considered 'fat'. Perhaps the money would be better spent on counselling ie reassessing your self-image, rather than tampering with a body which is by nature perfect. You seem to be looking forward to surgery and thinking that it will be all smiles and roses. My customer thought that she could just 'freshen up' her physique, she thought she may be a 'bit uncomfortable' for a few days. She had no idea that she would now include analgesics in her daily diet and that pain would become her constant companion.

Obviously, you will do what you want to do. Just make sure that you know what you are really buying.



kagiesen 16-02-2008 15:40

Re: 3 months to tummy tuck - one year after refeed - losings Diary
Hi Sharon

whilst I can understand Kristine's concern, as every surgery is dangerous, I can also completely understand why you want to do it. You have achieved so much, and you're not doing it because you think you're fat, you're doing it because there is excess skin, and 1 year after re-feed it has not disappeared. That's at least how I understand your motivation. I can also understand that you want to be able to stand in front of the mirror naked and think: yeah, that's awesome, the way I always wanted to be. And you deserve to be like that.

All the best with getting the last few kilos off! You will look gorgeous. Good luck


losing 16-02-2008 20:53

Re: 3 months to tummy tuck - one year after refeed - losings Diary
Thanks Katrin for the support - you hit the nail on the head with my motivation.

Kristine - I know I am not fat - BUT I WAS. I have never thought that it will be all rosey - to me it is invasive surgery - I have seen the procedure. I am sorry to hear of your customer however realistically there are many more success stories than terrible endings.

Thanks for your concern but I certainly don't need to spend money to have self respect - and for the record my hubby thinks I look pretty darn good.

I lost more than a third of my body weight - and I did it on Cohens without deviation. I do not want or have a perfect body and would not like to be judged that way - if you read my whole diary it talks about my running to get fit to limit the risks of surgery. Again thanks for your concern but I am making an informed, well thought out decision. THere are choices out there and I am going to a respected surgeon who has operated on people I know, so I am confident I am in safe hands.

I am aware of the pain that I will go through - I have had three major abdominal surgeries. Hopefullly, my story will help others to make as informed decision as I am, if they are considering surgery.

But yes, I am looking forward to having surgery to remove excess skin -


losing 18-02-2008 06:53

Re: 3 months to tummy tuck - one year after refeed - losings Diary
Hi there

I lost another 200 grams this morning - very exciting - brings that BMI down even more.

Am feeling a little flat and not that well this morning, so I really needed this little boost. My tummy is not that good and the thought of an egg is just gross - never mind.

Have a great day everyone.

Sharon :ninjanana:

Jeannie 18-02-2008 08:21

Re: 3 months to tummy tuck - one year after refeed - losings Diary

Hi Sharon, How did you go with the egg?

I am looking forward to the pictures and I admire your determination and what you have achieved. You go for whatever you feel comfortable with, you are obvioulsy not an air head and have put a lot of thought and research into your surgery. :snog: Being only short myself (although not quite as short as you), I really think that we have to work twice as hard sometimes, because every little kilo seems to make a HUGE difference, we can't hide it like tall people can..

Knock em dead girl..

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