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mesmer_eyes 01-03-2014 08:07

Journey to a New Me
The day has finally come. I am about to start the REDUCE phase of my plan. I got my fitness parameters and measurements today, here are the basic items I will monitor while in the CD:

Weight: 76.9 kg / Muscle Mass: 28.4k
BMI: 27.2 / Waist to hip ratio: .93

And all my body measurements in cms. Full details of my measurements here

I have purchased my supplies and 3 days worth of food. I do have a very hectic day tomorrow, will be driving on the road for 2hrs per way and will be outside in the heat with friends. So I need all the willpower I hope I have in me..

Here we go...

Relles 02-03-2014 08:05

Re: Journey to a New Me
Welcome Mesmereyes!

I didn't post in your earlier enters as you will notice that we often get spammers in here with links in their signature, trying to link their site with this one on weight loss products and the like. So I sat back and waited.
:o sorry.

It's a great program! You will get great results! Excited for you, as I love to read the delight people have as the weight comes off.

So I have done a hunt to find your earlier posts.
I see you ask about condiments. The limit is no more than a tablespoon a day, if you are talking about allowed spices. Things like balsamic vinegar are condiments? Ha ha will have to get out my plan! Obviously balsamic has sugar in it so be careful!
Watch out for curry mixes some are not allowed.
Salt ..I use celtic salt to avoid water retention associated with salt and I try to be careful.

So my hints? Read the plan over and over, then read it again. 8-)
Search in the search mode up in the top corner for common questions. There are some great posts stuck at the top of some of the forum sections too.
I know you are into the gym. Make sure you are careful about the amount of exercise you do. The plan tells us no excessive exercise. You should not feel massively hungry on Cohens, if you do it's the exercise.
(At the start you will obviously since your diet has changed, also there is mind hunger when you think you are hungry and you are not, and during the program it can mean a big drop coming)
Wanting to chew the corner off the dinner table should not happen so watch the exercise.

And you can post as long a post as you like. Express yourself and rant and rave... Whatever! That is what the forum is here for.
Good luck!

P.s. where are you from?

mesmer_eyes 02-03-2014 09:09

Re: Journey to a New Me
Hi Relles!

Thanks for the friendly welcome and I guess I do understand the spammer concern.. all is good :)

Thanks for the tips too.. i am a bit concerned about not having a limit to my salt and condiments intake. So im sticking to sea salt and black pepper for now, a dash or 2 per meal. I will check out the celtic salt.. is it better than sea salt/ whats the difference? I cant trust curry powders yet, as ive seen here that its a big no-no to the program. I will miss them though because I eat spicy food almost everyday.

Yesterday (01mar) was my first day (day details here) although my start date online was changed to the 3rd. I didnt ask why coz i thought its in my favor anyhow. I still started today and NOT deviation free. Quite a funny story though.. we were watching the Redbull Air Race today and my friend started passing out mints. Too engrossed in the airshow, i took one and popped it in my mouth. As soon as i tasted the minty sweet flavor, by reflex I spit it out hard and the mint hit the guys head in front of me. To avoid confrontation i pretented to have choked on it so I was coughing continuously. So instead of bei g angry, the guy was like "are u ok? U have water?" And i was coughing away to glory while trying to squeeze in an apology.. freakin funny my friends were just staring at me confused at what just happened :D

You are right about the mind hunger. While on the way, my friend was hungry for.chocolate "i want chocolate! Chocolate!" I swear I almost buckled right there. I love chocolates! I eat like 2 packs of kitkat 4fingers (or similar sized chocos) per day or even more. Chocolates will be the death of me if i dont quit hogging them.

I think I can manage the small food portions. I guess what kept me from this kind of eating habiy is the convenience of eating whenever and whatever frome wherever! I can deal with the small servings and timings, but the food preparation really took a lot out of me.i got tired preparing 2days worth of meals.. :/ i will have to keep.myself motivated to continue cooking..

As for the gym, im stopping all HIITs for now and will attempt to do yoga alone. Im trying it this evening and see how it affects my hunger..

Btw for the meal timings, my consultant said min of 5 hrs max of 7hrs in betwen meals. Is this the same w u/everyone elae? Because today I only got to eat my lunch after 7hrs..

Thanks again Relles. Feels great to have support coming in..

Im from sunny Dubai :)

Reenna 02-03-2014 23:23

Re: Journey to a New Me
Now, that was FUNNY ( your mint story)! I can just imagine the effort it took you to pretend to be choking!

Yes,main meals have to be at least 5 hours apart. And I hear you on the chocolates. I'm a Cadbury girl myself and can finish one whole bar in one sitting! So since my willpower is weak, I banished all chocolates from my pantry. My problem is the hubby who still sneaks in his stash in the ref. It's difficult when our partners are not fully supportive of the program. Sigh.

mesmer_eyes 03-03-2014 04:50

Re: Journey to a New Me
Day 2: Bring on the Hunger

Today was totally different from yesterday. I felt so hungry all day, even just after my meals. Im deviation free today though, so whoohoo! :) I finished all recommended food for me today - protein, veggies, crackers, fruts; took my multivvitamins; had almost 4L of water. Im a big water drinker ever since. On an average, I drink about 3.5L of water on a non workout day excl tea and coffee (if i had some).

I also did hatha yoga today, its not as intense as the other sessions I attended, it was more of deep stretching which felt so good afterwards. I didnt even sweat much. I did my customary 20min sauna session after a work out, and I didnt sweat much either and that was annoying. I felt a bit tired, but not that much to make me break my program today.

I checked both with my consultant - water intake and sauna. I received a reply once I reached home that I can take a min of 2L and drink when I feel thirsty BUT sauna is not allowed during the program, ooopps . This one will have to go for now..

I hope these cravings and hunger pangs and pings will go aWay by tomorow :(

@Reena: oh yah, that was tough trying to cough hard and trying not to laugh at the same time :D and right now as I type this I am sooo craving for a 4 stick Kinder bar, its a staple for my dinner. I dont have them in my house but theres a grocery down our building and they will deliver anything! Even just 2 pcs of lemon. Talk about convenient eh? Chocolates are really hard to get rid of, if it were me and I wasnt on the program, I will find better ways to take my chocos out of sight of my partner :D

mesmer_eyes 04-03-2014 17:08

Re: Journey to a New Me
Day 3: No, Thank You

I found myself saying this several times today:

"Hey, have some Milka chocolate" --- No, thank you. *smile*
"Really? Are you sure?" --- Yes, no thanks.. *smile*
"You want to taste my lunch?" --- No, thank you *smile*
"I have more than enough veg fried rice, you want some on that chicken?" --- No, thank you. *chew, swallow, water*

I could have deviated but I didnt! \m/

The weather here is acting quite funny, I guess madamme weather couldnt make up her mind if winter is over or not, and in her confusion, she threw in some winds in there too, not considering that we live in a sandbox of a country! :/ So my nose has been running non-stop and my throat had started to hurt a bit..

Hope tomorrow's better. Im gonna try power yoga...

Howling Wind 05-03-2014 02:31

Re: Journey to a New Me
I love the *smile* bit after every answer! Keep up the spirit.

ridemum 05-03-2014 07:46

Re: Journey to a New Me
Welcome to the program and the forum mesmer_eyes! I too was a former member of the chocoholics society. I would eat a minimum of 200g block of chocolate a day / sometimes a whole jar of nutella in a day. The good news for you is that this program totally took away all urges for chocolate binges. I am on maintenance now, but I still have no desire for chocolate! You may get lucky an no longer want it :)

Love your coughing fit story! Very funny!

mesmer_eyes 05-03-2014 16:45

Re: Journey to a New Me
Hi Howling Wind and Ridemum!

I reckon I need the smile after every no as they have been so kind to offer me something to eat :)

Thanks for the welcome Ridemum. I cant believe Im on my 5th day and havent had any chocolate since.:cheer: I know this is a small feat to some but it is tremendous for me. I have expected to give in on the 3rd day. I also have done the whole jar of nutella in one sitting thing..just give me nutella, a spoon and 2 good movies :D

I seriously hope that after the program I can control my chocolate intake. I dont want to totally scrap it, but just learn how to eat in the smallest quantity possible and be ok with it. Thats total demonstration of "control" for me, being able to stop way ahead.

have a good day!!

Howling Wind 05-03-2014 20:43

Re: Journey to a New Me
How tall are you Mesmer_eyes? I am looking at your goal weight and thinking we might be the same height.

mesmer_eyes 05-03-2014 23:11

Re: Journey to a New Me
Hey HW! 168cm, 8.5 US shoe size :)

are we?

Howling Wind 05-03-2014 23:35

Re: Journey to a New Me
Unfortunately *for me* you are 11cm taller

mesmer_eyes 06-03-2014 06:35

Re: Journey to a New Me
Day 4 & 5: Sick & Soda

I was sick since day 4, stuffed nose and a mild fever. I ditched the urge to attend power yoga and decided to just go home and take a rest.. i barely made it through dinner. After I ate dinner I was just trying to wait for the 2hr mark before bed time and was watching tv... dozing off.. waking up, remembering that i shouldnt sleep yet,, then dozing off again.. waking up.. and then probably snored my way to oblivion after an hr.. I guess I needed to rest.. IS THIS A DEVIATION??

Im glad I didnt go to the gym though, coz I woke this morning much better, my cold is under control, but I still feel that im not at my 100%, mild cold, slight temp, an few coughs here and there, but definitely better.

Also, I had about 2 cans of sprite light today. I know this is in the plan but Ive never been a big soda drinker before. I can barely make it to half a can. WILL THIS SLOW DOWN MY WEIGHT LOSS??

I did go for hatha yoga today, and fell on my sweet behind while trying to do the headstand! Honestly it didnt hurt, i sill have my "cushioning", but it was so embarrasing!!! :eek: I feel ok though, sweat a bit.

I made my meals for the next 3 days. I even made my breakfast tomorrow coz im hoping to try power yoga at 7:15am.. hah! good luck with that.. I hope I wake up :)

Good night lovelies.. :*

Gigglesza 06-03-2014 17:38

Re: Journey to a New Me
Hey mesmer_eyes,

Welcome to Cohens!!!! :) you should officially be over detox so it'll just start getting easier now!

When is your first weigh in?

Oh and I totally get you on the mint going in the mouth by default... When I just started out I nearly did that a few times, had to scold myself and force myself to think about my every move around food.

mesmer_eyes 06-03-2014 20:21

Re: Journey to a New Me
Hi Gigglesza!

Thanks for the welcome!! I just had a look on your signature, and WOW on your losses!! :bowdown: and i would love to see that charm bracelet of yours :)

My weigh in is after 30 days, as per my online Cohen page my first day was on the 3rd (but I started on 1st), so by 02 April I will be weighing on my scale and that InBody Body Composition Analyzer at the gym(which has more details overall, you can check out what I mean here). Im quite excited.

Yes, Im on my 6th day today and it seems a bit easier with the cravings. I had a colleague who just came back from Zurich and has been passing around Swiss chocolates :eek:. Best thing is, i took and i kept in my drawer and have no desire to touch it whatsoever. I might end up giving it to another colleague who is not here at the moment.

The mint thing is one of those that we do absent-mindedly, as if on routine. I have become very mindful by now.

Do you have a diary? I would love to have a read-through for more inspiration :)

Have a good day!

Gigglesza 06-03-2014 20:43

Re: Journey to a New Me
Hey M.E.

I too have received loads of chocolate/food based gifts since starting cohens, but know what I did? I threw everything I could in the freezer(the drawer we never really use), so it doesnt bother me. I did have a bad month(went through quite a few horrid things) but I'm back and more focussed than ever because I wanna be skinny too! :)

My diary is here:
Going to finally do an update now, so hold your horses! LOL.

mesmer_eyes 08-03-2014 00:44

Re: Journey to a New Me
Day 6: Beef day!

This girl gotta have some meat!

I had shopped for beef yesterday and prepared 3 meals worth of it. And I love it! Hehehe I could use beef throughout this program. The recommended beef/meat portion for me is not so bad, although the veggie part is quite less, so i had fruit or crackers with my beef meals. But, I would still stick to eating the 3 basics I can get- chicken, beef and fish, its better this way, im just glad the beef allowance for me is sufficient. Although flavor wise, there is nothin much I can do but salt, pepper and sprite.. I cant have any hot spices ! :( Im still sad about this..

I have to find some more beef recipes that is CD friendly.. recommendations anyone?

I went for power yoga after work, much more intense, but I managed. It feels good to sweat. Later in th evening (11:30pm), I went to the movies with a friend. I didnt deviate, but I think Im not that strong to go out yet. Because as we were walking to the movie house, we passed by a few of my favorite restos and OMG.. the smell almost made me want to go there and eat. Plus the smell of the popcorn and nachos.. :( I told my friend to eat in advance and Im glad she ate more than she could that she didnt order popcorn.. And like a good girl, i just kept an apple and a DC in hand..

I reached home at 2:30am and slept at 3am. No 8hrs sleep this time, but I really had fun and enoyed the movie :)

mesmer_eyes 09-03-2014 17:34

Re: Journey to a New Me
Day 7 & 8: Weekend

On day 7, I just spent it at home bumming around, literally. I was just on the couch eating each meal on the dot. I was feeling low today, could be itís a week before TOM. Deviation free.

Im still using the same recipes I have found on this site. I just wish there were more that does not involved hot spices, as I am not allowed to have these. Salt and pepper can only go so much..

Day 8 was a totally different case. It was jampacked! I felt so good and had so much energy! I was feeling so happy.. I've never felt this way for quite some time now. I guess being out and having the sun shine on you really does wonders. I loved this day, I have done and accomplished so much, and I was dead beat when I reached home, but I felt like it was a day well spent.

My day ended up 1am, and since my cat was alone at home the whole day, she probably got her sleep and by the time I was about to sleep, she was playful. I seriously still donít get whats the fun in my fitted sheet. She tossed, ran, jumped, somersaulted beside me in bed, but there was no toy there, not even a bundle of sheets, just the fitted sheet.. :D She does this every morning, pretending my bed is a race track, running circles on it. :L

I did deviate today though, I ate 1 extra cracker. I totally forgot that my chicken meal (prepared in advane) was crackered! In my attempt to make breaded chicken :(
If I were not on Cohens, I would seriously think, this is crazy! How can I cracker be such a bad thing?? But eh, I feel bothered about it, but decided to let it go..

Oh, I weighed this morning, and I already lost 3.2kgs! Water weight or not, it is still 3.2kgs off the scale! :gscales:

mesmer_eyes 10-03-2014 17:45

Re: Journey to a New Me
Day 9: :-x

PMSing bigtime :( But, deviation free..

I weighed in this morning and the scale didnt budget at all! Not even a single gram despite my active day yesterday :bscales: could it be the extra cracker I had yest?

However, clothes are becoming loose, and i have to remind myself that I have just lost 3.2kgs in just 7days! so that evens out the no movement in the scale.

Yesterday was International Women's day and a colleague of ours bought in a lot of sweet treats to honor this day. And in the afternoon, another colleague brought in a cake for his birthday.

I swear! This office, if I hadnt known better, is secretly making it more harder for me. See what I have to face with for the past 8-10days:

Daily Temptation List

Day 1: Weekend/No work

Day 2: Birthday Cake in the office - 1 choco mousse and 1 cheesecake

Day 3: Milka chocolates for everyone

Day 4: Cookies, Muffins, sweet bread, chocolates outside the big meeting room

Day 5: Chocolates from Zurich being passed around

Day 6: Donuts in the pantry (forgot what it is for)

Day 7 & 8: Weekend / No work

Day 9: 2 sets of chocolate cake, sweets, sweet puffs, bread, German cold cuts, fruits- all provided by 1 colleague in celebration of Women's Day. Later on the in the afternoon, there is a cake again for my colleagues birthday.

Day 10: Danish Cookies and 4 doz of Krispy Kreme Donuts in the pantry - another birthday treat from a colleague

By lunch time, a bowl full of Chocolate Eclaires

Talk about temptation galore! It is just toooo easy to give in.. but a I havent! :marvellous:--> I think I deserve this smiley hehehehe

Im gonna keep on updating this list all through out to remind myself how stronger I have become in resisting all these treats!!

Good day everyone!

Gigglesza 10-03-2014 18:27

Re: Journey to a New Me
nicely done m.e!!!!

for your meals, play around with your herbs and balsamic vinegar. Also try paprika(its not hot or anything just adds a good flavour and colour, well ours does).

I love doing a combination of garlic, salt, a couple of chilli flakes, sweet basil, origanum, parsley, a dash of paprika, and then half my day's allowance of balsamic vinegar and a sweetner tablet. I love the taste!!!

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