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BibbyBubbly 15-11-2017 00:10

Fruit during Refeed
Hi All.

I am hoping someone can help me with this question. I ate allowance and all my optionals (5 x crackers and 2 x fruit) during the first 4 weeks on the Cohen Diet. After 4 weeks I lost 6.5kg. I then cut out the fruit and lost another 5.5 kg in 6 weeks and now need to start refeed. What I don't know is during refeed, should I add back the 2 x fruit plus add the additional fruit as indicated on my refeed program? Or should I only eat the "new" fruit indicated on my refeed program?

Hope my question makes sense and looking forward to any advise.

Thanks in advance.

tess840 15-11-2017 00:38

Ooh good question! I donít know the answer but I rarely eat all my fruit allowance so am keen to know now too!

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annagirl 15-11-2017 08:24

Re: Fruit during Refeed
I have only eaten my fruit allowance every day at the beginning and the end of the eating plan, in the middle I didn't feel the need to because I wasn't hungry, now I am on refeed my consultant suggested eating it all, old fruits, new fruits etc as this is the period to test your body out and see just what you can handle.

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