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tinkerbell 18-08-2009 00:10

refeed and your period?
I would like to know, and I don't know if it's a stupid question, but would you wait for after your menstrual period before you start your refeed? for as I understand you need to fall back 2 days when you gain weight during refeed?

I need to go for my blood test this week and I'm actually at my goal weight, but deviated this weekend with a few extra fruit and crackers... and gained a few hundred grams. would like to get rid of them before I start refeed, Im due for my period in about 10 days and would like to know if you would have waited till after, or would you start your refeed?

as I understand the refeed is rather importand and you can see the effect some of the foods influences on your body... I don't want to mess up my refeed (when do you know your weight gain is menstrual related or due to a new added food on refeed)

please advise?

fornight 18-08-2009 00:41

Re: refeed and your period?
I read that you are supposed to have at least 2 weeks of DF before starting refeed.

Since you deviate last weekends, you need to wait 2 weeks which means your period will be over by then? If I were you, I will wait a few days after my TOM to start refeed. That is me because my body needs at least a couple of days after TOM to lose all the water retention.

tinkerbell 18-08-2009 01:22

Re: refeed and your period?
thank you for your quick reply, I didnt know about the 2 week rule? I feel so bad about the weekend, I only cheated with fruit but its amazing the effect it had on me, was so tired and had headaches!!! I'm nibbly because i'm on goal weight I think, and getting moody and hungry!!!

but i'll get myself together ... I'm 4 months on program and now only deviated for the first time...

stupid me

tinkerbell 18-08-2009 01:23

Re: refeed and your period?
you think i should order refeed with this blood test or also wait 2 weeks?

carrieanne_c 18-08-2009 03:14

Re: refeed and your period?
order the refeed with this blood test -congratulations on making it to your goal weight. I am almost there I have only 700g to go before I start I am stalled now for 5 days at this weight. I have to start refeed as soon as I get it I am right in between now but since i have been doing the diet I don't swing up as much as I used to during PMS. I try to drink extra fluid during tomtime to expel fluid.

I will do refeed even if I am Tom laden I just want to start the refeed and get it over with. It seems complicated and important I just want it to be done with.

FlaMie 18-08-2009 03:18

Re: refeed and your period?
What I understand from the clinic about deviation is the unapproved food. They didn't say that additional fruits would be unless it is unapproved food. I've been told to have an extra piece of fruit/cracker if I'm really hungry at this refeed period... so maybe your extra weight didn't come from the fruits?

asy 18-08-2009 08:45

Re: refeed and your period?
An extra piece of fruit and an extra cracker in the days while you're waiting for your refeed IS NOT a deviation. (So long as you were originally on 2 fruits, if you were originally on 3 fruits then you may not have any more).

So, if you were originally on 2 fruit and you had an extra piece of fruit after your refeed was ordered, this isn't a deviation and you can start as soon as you are ready.

As for organising a refeed around your period, personally I wouldn't bother, and certainly it won't make any difference from any point of view except the inability to calculate true weight due to water retention. It certainly won't affect any metabolic success on the programme.


tinkerbell 18-08-2009 16:45

Re: refeed and your period?
thank you all for your replies, what I'm going to tell you can only make you laugh or cry... (or both)

Im going to tell you more about my self then about what I did. I'm 23 years old and live in a small town in south africa.. we dont have any shopping malls near us or in a 200km radius. which means when we do get to a mall we go like CRRAAAZZZZYYYY!

so on friday my mom, sis and me went to my dermatologist which happens to be in the city, whoo hooo! (when my doctor saw me he couldn't believe i lost this lot of kg's in this short period) but anyhow my skin looks absolutely fabulous, I have this nice, healthy body and I just feel great!

now this is the scary part, I usually eat my 2 fruits in the evenings because it makes me nibbly, otherwise I would eat the whole day... so here we are, first stop woolies. (something we do not have in our town) and I saw these lovely, crispy, ice cold pink lady apples. And i bought 4. I never deviated throughout the program, and was very proud about this, even preparing food for my boyfriend and father every night, baking cakes and muffins, and none of it bothered me because I had my head right. then this one day I could stop eating these apples, I had 4 in the mall and went to buy more for the following two days... but only to have to go and buy more the next day because the 3 hour drive back home had me eating the other 4. which means i had 8 apples on 1 day!!!! now thats deviating!

I was so tired in the car after all the apples, I felt drunk and the next day I was so sick, Its amazing how anything that you dont keep in moderation can have such an effect on your body.. even something as healthy as an apple.

but now I'm on the wagon, was very disgusted with myself but Im sorted!

so people dont buy woolies pink lady apples, it makes you not want to stop.

carrieanne_c 19-08-2009 20:35

Re: refeed and your period?
Hi Tink,
The apples probably fermented in your stomach making a hard cider like mixture. That is a lot of apples-you can comisserate with NattyG she also had an apple incident where the apples had taken over her mind and made her eat them. I wonder now if Eve in the Garden was influenced by the snake or was it the demon apple itself?

Glad your back on track. I bought for which I thought were going to be great crunchy tasty apples (in a tray already plastic wrapped-the grocery store i was hat had no fruit loose) anyhoo 2 were half rotten on the bottom and the other one had that nast meely texture to it-that was yesterday when I did meal switcharoo, so i had one apple for dins with yogurt and then i had to switch melon for the other nast apple-the melon wasn't ripe and wasn't filling and on top of it I HAD NO WEIGHT DROP THIS MORNING.

FlaMie 19-08-2009 23:10

Re: refeed and your period?
Now I thought I'm the only one infatuated and have a strange new craving for apples. Only thing is I'm having 2 apples currently instead of 8...

Relles 06-10-2013 19:27

Re: refeed and your period?
Bump any further info to add people? I think it might hit during..

lil_doll 07-10-2013 14:24

Re: refeed and your period?
I had it during my refeed... And I was fine :)

I was very worried! But I tend to have a slow loss the week before it comes, so maybe that was why.

Raizas 18-12-2019 16:01

Re: refeed and your period?
You need to contact your consultant

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