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Default On a mission with 15-20 kgs to go to refeed

Calling all Cohenites who still have around the 20 kgs mark to lose before refeed. Would you like to join me in the OAM club so we can help gently nudge one another towards our collective goal?

Please post if you are interested. I have 20 kgs to go. I am hovering at the half way mark and keen to catapult myself into the next stage of this wonderful eating plan. We can exchange tips, ideas to keep us on our best eating behaviour and in a place where we can easily find one another.

Goals: Start weight 120; 105 (1/3 way) DONE; Under 100kg DONE; 98 kg (1/2 way) DONE; 90 kg (2/3) DONE; 82 kg: DONE: 76 kg; Refeed; Maintenance.
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