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Old 02-03-2009, 14:51
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Thumbs up Powerful Personal Mission Statements

Hi Guys,

I have worked on this since my original but I think it is a fab idea to start working towards living life as it will be when at ideal weight. This statement is my own but a suggestion from the Think Slim book I have been reading...

I wish I had one of these statements while on Cohens so I would be able to 'see' my life as it will be at ideal are to read this statement two times a day until you get to your weight (your own of course!! lol)

Anyway here it is...


When I reach my goal of 58 kilos my life is fabulous. I have loads of energy and I fit a perfect size 8.

I am able to buy ANYTHING and look incredibly sexy. I am confident, flirty, sparkly and drop dead gorgeous and I FEEL it too.

I am relaxed about my healthy food habits and busting with confidence of easily maintaining my weight. I am a winner and very successful in all I do. I trust myself and my subconscious entirely as this is the way I choose to live my life.

I slowly eat 3 meals a day - they are wholesome, healthy and organic where possible. I eat when I am physically hungry and I drink lots of green tea and water between my meals and am satisfied. I am very committed to eating only the best healthiest food and make this my way of life. When I do choose to have a treat once or twice a week I am satisfied and feel good about it and continue to eat healthily the very next mouthful. I weigh once a week.

I easily recognise the difference between emotion and hunger and in emotional times I drink more water or tea or I say 'let it go' and breathe deeply or find another activity that will help me to deal with my emotion. My 12 ‘keys’ are my foundations which I use when needed.

I love exercise and keeping physically healthy, I make the time to exercise at least 3 days a week in the gym and find other ways to be active on the other days.

I feel incredible, my skin and eyes glow and I have endless energy and positivity surrounding me and people take notice me for this reason. I smile, whistle, sing and laugh a lot and I am so happy in myself. I focus on making the most of life each and every day and living the best way I know how.

Feeling this great is definitely worth living this way, nothing beats how great I feel about myself and my body and mind thank me back for treating them so well. I deserve being happy, healthy and full of vitality. I deserve being slim, gorgeous and full of confidence. I deserve treating myself as the most important person in the world because I am! My body and mind are my temples and I make decisions each and every day to treat them this way, with love and respect.

When I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror I think I look like the hottest chick on the planet and reinforce all my outer and inner beauty whenever I can with positive self talk and this is why I have loads of confidence.

I easily maintain my sexy 58kg body now as I constantly think slim, in 3 months time and in 3 years time and am wearing my ‘K’ pendant with pride as a constant reminder of what a champion I really am.
Heaviest to lightest - 117kg - 57.5kg (59.5kg)
2008 Cohen's Graduate (lost 37.9kg) finished @ 57.5kg
2010 Cohen's Graduate (lost 16kg) finished at 58kg
Mind~body~spirit approach is my winning formula

Goal 1: Under 80kg (done 4.5.13) Goal 2 - 75kg, Goal 3 Under 70kg, Goal 4 - normal BMI 65.8kg!! Goal 4 - final goal 65 - 62kg and start refeed

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Awesome post - A Thank You from :-
Old 03-03-2009, 20:56
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You go girl. Great idea and thanks for sharing, will start to work on my own.. Your awesome Hexi and thanks for sharing with us all and you know what You are Sexy!

Oh you forgot Foxy also...

One of the great girls that works with me gives me a hi fi all the time and says we are foxy ladies and it makes us put a smile on our faces!

Now I will check on you to see if you do say it to yourself twice a day..
Thats my hard part I put them in place then I dont do it.. But Im a firm believer of affirmations.
My goals? To believe in myself totally and of course loose those unwanted kgs so I can be healthy on the inside and feel proud of myself on the outside!!!!
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Old 09-08-2009, 18:10
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Default Re: Powerful Personal Mission Statements

WoW! I love this idea....
I am a newbie to Cohen's and am still waiting for my program to arrive, in the meantime I am using this website for inspiration - and today your post was my inspiration - Thank you
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Old 02-03-2015, 16:29
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Default Re: Powerful Personal Mission Statements


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