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Old 28-01-2012, 20:15
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Default 5 Ingredient Yogurt Cake

I thought I'd share my favorite all time recipe with you, it is soooo easy to make, I have been making it for my kids for years, and it is totally different every time I make it! You can use almost any ingredients, and because everything is equal quantities, you can make any batch size (I have used a small tub of yogurt before as a base, then measured all the other ingredients with that tub)

Depending on what ingredients you choose, it can be low carb sugar-free, or totally indulgent!!

1.5 cups Yogurt Plain, Vanilla, Flavored, Fat free, Full Cream, Anything you want!
1.5 cups Self Raising FlourI have also experimented with using flour alternatives like Linseed meal, just remember to add a teaspoon of baking powder
1.5 cups Sugar I have never used the full amount, usually half as much, and other Sweeteners work too
1.5 cups Coconut or Almond Meal Any dry ingredients work here, hazelnut meal, linseed/flaxseed meal, protein powder, oats
1.5 cups Fruit or Nuts or Choc chips This is where you can add absolutely anything! I have done frozen berries, fresh berries, dried fruit (pineapple and paw paw are yum), white choc chip with strawberry yogurt, etc etc

Mix all together and bake at 180c until cooked, timing depends on the size of the cake or cupcakes...

Start Weight May'11 - 96.7kg End Weight Nov'11 - 64.5kg Under 70kg for life!! Balancing around 65kg IDEAL
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Old 28-01-2012, 20:53
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Default Re: 5 Ingredient Yogurt Cake

Yay, I have writtn this down. Thinking ahead to life on maintenance and healthy cooking. This allows for so many variations and substitutes. Thanks

89.1kg .................................................. . 64 - 67
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Old 30-01-2012, 00:28
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Default Re: 5 Ingredient Yogurt Cake

That sounds delish!! Going to make it into muffins on my day off!

Don't be upset with the results you didn't get with the work you didn't do.

"If you're stick of starting over, stop giving up" - This needs to be my new mantra!
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Old 08-10-2012, 22:48
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Default Re: 5 Ingredient Yogurt Cake

i want to make eggless cake with instant mix what is key ingredient which help the cake to rise and make spongy and tasty...
is yogurt ,butter and baking powder is good option? has anybody ever tried before.?...
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Old 22-09-2013, 20:52
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Default Re: 5 Ingredient Yogurt Cake

to substitute egg in any baking just replace each egg in the recipe with 1 table spoon of water, I do this all the time when my chooks stop laying and I need to bake a cake.

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