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Old 19-02-2009, 23:41
Derf Male Derf is offline
Feeling more at home
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Default Noob - 135.5kgs aiming for 90kgs

Hi Everyone,

My name is Derf and Im a 21 year old Adelaide guy. Im fairly new here so im just going to blert this out. Ive been overweight almost my entire life and I am so sick of looking like this! Im tired being teased or being called the big bloke. Im just tired of being FAT!!

So i have made my commitment. Today I had my first consult and registed for the program. I payed the fee upfront and Im doing my inital blood test tomorrow morning. (Its funny because im fasting at the moment and i am sooo thursty haha. its strange because when you know you cant have a drink, thats when you want it the most! )

Ill be getting my program on wednesday and officially then start my new, better life.

Im so glad to have found this forum and I hope that I can use this tool to help me with this difficult journey.

Thanks guys!
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Old 20-02-2009, 00:06
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Thumbs up

Welcome to the forum and don't let these girls get the best of you - its a walk in the park really and I know the feeling and I also know how good it gets - yep a bit hard but you can do it - start your diary and get a ticker and you will be on your way to a new bloke before you know it.

Stick to it % 100 % which sounds harder than it actually is - especially if you really want to pull the weight off and don't take a backward step in the process.

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Old 20-02-2009, 00:44
jacin Female jacin is offline
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hi make sure you drink heaps of water DONT cut that out as it makes it harder for them to find your veins when you go for the blood test, even if you are fasting it is NEVER EVER no water so man drink, drink and drink some more
I know I will Achieve as the power is within me
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Old 27-02-2009, 11:41
Derf Male Derf is offline
Feeling more at home
Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: Adelaide
Posts: 30

Today is day1 of my Cohen journey and I have to admit that itís a tough journey. I received my plan on Wednesday night and went through the entire booklet about five times. I made sure that I had a good understanding of the golden rules and that I know what Im letting myself in for.
This morning I realised just how much sugar I have been eating. Instead of having my usual cup of tea, milk and three sugars I enjoyed a cup of black sugar free coffee. Coffee is extremely bitter without the condiments that accompany it.
Next I had my yogurt and a piece of fruit and I was once again surprised at how bitter the sugar-free yogurt is. My mouth almost exploded with excitement when I tasted the natural sugar in the piece of fruit.
Its going to be a long journey but I think Iím on the correct path... just wish me luck!
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Old 01-03-2009, 17:05
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Default Let's work together

Hey Derf,

Your commencement date is not too far from mine. I started on 23 Feb, so just a couple of days before yours. I'm into my 7th day today and have gone past the withdrawal days - feeling energetic now.

I wish you well on this journey and hope that we can find companionship in each other...I've got a long way to shed my lifelong FATSSSSSS - 35kg in all...but oh took me a lifetime to pile them on too so a couple of months to lose them all is simply just worth it
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Old 01-03-2009, 19:58
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hey Derf, it might not be as long as a journey as you think, most boys tend to nail it quick. And once you've had the happy hormones kick in, and your hunger pangs have subsided you'll do great.

When and if you do start thinking about eating foods that are deviations it will probably be from boredom, not cos you are hungry, so keep yourself occupied.

Babytime 2.0

"The strangest secret in the world is that you become what you think about.Ē - Earl Nightingale.

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