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Old 01-09-2008, 10:54
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I think you'll be looking more than fine by Christmas Francesca

I have a similar amount to lose as you and the consultants told me that the program will work every bit as well for me as it will for someone with more to lose (in terms of getting my body chemistry rebalanced etc) and that I can expect to lose more in the first week or two than during the rest of my program BUT they also said that while everyone's body will respond differently to the program (in terms of actual kg's lost and when), generally speaking those with less to lose will lose a little slower than those with more to lose.

I'm preparing myself to hope for about 1kg per week, so that I won't get disappointed after seeing some of the amazing results people have experienced on the forum. I always lose more in the first week because I retain a lot of fluid so usually cutting out high salt norty foods makes me lose a couple of "easy" kg's... but if I can maintain around 1kg losses each week I'll be very happy At least I've promised myself that each kg that comes off with Cohen's is NEVER coming back.

I'm trying to find positives for slightly slower losses... and for me I know that getting to goal within 6-8 weeks or something crazy would in some ways not be good, because it may not be long enough for me to break my bad habits that have gotten me here today. If it takes a lil longer and if I have to persevere a bit more I think it'll help in the long run as I'm retraining my mind even more than my body

All I do know for sure is that we WILL get to our goal weights sooner or later
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Old 18-06-2012, 16:43
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Default Re: Only a little to lose?

Hi all,

Funny how those with less to lose (thus, a slower Kg/week loss usually) seem to feel "short-changed" by only losing 1Kg a week, while others are losing 1.5to 2Kgs.

Well, I have some news for these "not so much to lose" members (and, it's all GOOD).

Let's take two examples, worlds apart in their Cohens paths. First, let's say they are the same height, shoe size, sex, and goal weight (60Kgs). The only difference will be their "Number of Kgs to Lose". Here we go:-

Girl 1 starts Cohens at 60Kgs above goal weight. Girl 2 is merely 12Kgs above her goal weight (same goal weight as Girl 1). OK??

In the first four weeks, Girl 1 sheds 12Kgs, while Girl 2 sheds 6Kgs. Girl 2 feels "a bit down" that her journey is so slow But wait - let's turn things around a bit :-

In just four weeks, Girl 1 has shed 20% of the weight she needs to shift. Girl 2 has shed 50% and is already halfway through !!

Nothing slow about that !! And, as others have wisely said, if it were all to fall off overnight, you wouldn't learn much about the journey, nor about maintaining the final result.

So smile, all you girls who are on Cohens with only "a few" Kgs to move - it will move quickly!! Percentage-wise that is.....

Aka "Bump"

Just a big happy hushpuppy
I haven't "done" Cohens - Asy knows me from way back - she invited me to "take a look" here - I did, loved it, and stayed...
And me? I'm a tall skinny bloke (BMI ~23) and have been this way forever, so I haven't faced (weight-wise) what you all have !!
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Old 18-06-2012, 18:07
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Default Re: Only a little to lose?

Interesting read Koh!

2013 Goals (Start 14/1@72.6kgs) : Goal 1 : 70kg / Goal 2: 68kg / Goal 3 : 66kg / Goal 4: 65kg
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Old 18-06-2012, 20:50
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Default Re: Only a little to lose?

I agree with this! I felt like a 'slow loser' as I 'only' lost 5.3kg's in my first 4 weeks, but now that I have gone and lost it all slowly over 16+ weeks, I have no stretch marks or loose skins and don't need to wait for my skin to re-adjust. Just shows you that there are perks to being a slow loser
Started maintenance on 12 February 2015 - weighing 52.3kg

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